Autumn Cycling Safety Reminders

Autumn is a time of change, and natural transition as trees change colors and temperatures cool off. As the leaves fall, cyclists should also take note to begin a new riding season with vigilance. Focusing on your safety is important since so many cyclists are out for exercise.

Here is a list of safety reminders, dress codes, and rules you should follow while riding during the fall season.

Reminders for Cyclists during Fall City Rides

Being safe while making those rides around town during the cold would be wise. You can employ these safety reminders to enjoy your cycling.

1. Bring Enough Water
It might be a big deal with the weight of water bottles and the uphill climb. But your body needs to hydrate. The most important part of that process is staying well hydrated. It is especially true for cyclists who might only ride for a couple of hours before they need to get back home.

2. Dress Warmly
It doesn't just mean making sure you have a jacket or sweatshirt on when you ride your bike during the fall. Make sure to add layers with your bike wear, if any, and clothing underneath if it's cold enough outside to need that.

If you have a jacket, it's best to wear one, and if not, at least wear a sweatshirt, so your skin is covered in the case of rain and wind while riding your bike during the fall season.

3. Shun From the Door Zone
It would help if you were always a little wary when near cars. If you know a car is in the area, you should avoid it. Nothing can be more dangerous than being hit by one of those cars.

4. Ride Boulevard Style
If you will get on the street to ride your bike during fall, then ride cautiously and yield to vehicles as needed. Most often, you will find yourself riding on city streets and other large roads, so be very careful while doing so or even out at night when you have a little more freedom.

5. Make Eye Contact and Body Language
When riding in urban and surrounding areas, contacting others to ensure they see you is very important. If you want to ride your bike during the autumn season, be it off-road or on, this is very important because there could be other cyclists or drivers in the area.

As cyclists, you should be able to spot cars and other vehicles very quickly. If a vehicle approaches, take note and wait for them to pass, or keep going. It is very important for cyclists of all levels they learn how to ride safely on city streets during this season.

6. Cycle with Your Friends
Cycling in the fall can prove dangerous, as a car might hit you. It is best to cycle with friends during this season for additional safety. They might be your best friends while in the middle of the city doing your fall training.

7. Be Prepared For Anything
It could be a lovely day out on the bike. The sun is shining, and you have your favorite jacket and bike shorts. Suddenly, an unexpected rain shower takes over your town, and you are drenched in minutes.

It is always best to bring a change of clothes with you just in case and have that extra pair of shoes to switch with if you ever find yourself in a situation like this.

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How Should I Dress For Cycling In Autumn?

If you ride at night or just out at dusk on those autumn rides, ensure you have reflective clothing or equipment so drivers can see you. It might be a little cumbersome during the fall season, but it's worth it for your safety.

Here are some of the clads to be noticed in your closet.

1. Three-Quarter Shorts
Also known as bib knickers, three-quarter shorts have a great advantage over regular shorts since they are designed not to bunch up or wrinkle when you're in the middle of a ride.

They are made for cyclist who plans on doing longer rides, as well as in colder weather. Instead of having different types of clothing for each situation, three-quarter shorts can be put on easily and removed quickly due to their overall length.

The easy accessibility is great for avoiding accidents when you must stop quickly on your bike during those fall city rides.

2. Long Sleeve Shirt
If it's merely going to be a brisk day out, you could wear a long sleeve jersey or shirt underneath your short sleeve jersey. You can take off the short sleeve but still be covered.

3. Footwear
These items are the most important in keeping you safe while biking. If you ride with a buddy, take your buddy's shoes because they will be best for safety.

Your shoes should be designed specifically for riding. You can also purchase shoe covers that help prevent abrasions on your feet and protection against gravel on the road.

4. Bicycle Helmet
Regarding bicycle helmets, some cyclists recommend wearing a bicycle helmet every time you go outside and ride, even when it is not necessary, but this practice may lead to injuries. Helmets can also cause injuries if not used properly or incorrectly by bicyclists who are less experienced riders.

Wearing a helmet every time you bike can be advantageous as it can reduce the chance of sustaining an injury when you fall and hit your head on the ground.

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5. Bicycle Jacket/Windbreaker
A jacket is not only for cold weather but also for rainy or windy conditions. Some riders ride with a jacket to block out the wind and rain to regulate their body temperature. If it is too uncomfortable, look for a down jacket instead of a windbreaker.

6. Gloves
There are various types of gloves, such as fingerless gloves, gloves with a thumb and index finger in place of the thumb, or gauntlet-type or full-fingered cycling gloves. In cooler weather, fingers can be cold. Fingertips and hands tend to get moist from the sweat on your hands.

Also, in the summer and hot weather, the sun's UV rays can damage your skin; regular cycling clothing does not protect against this effect. Gloves help keep your hands from feeling too hot or sweaty in these conditions.

7. Socks
There are different types of socks to choose from. Some cyclists prefer two pairs of socks, one for the hot summer and a thicker pair in winter. There is also a choice between cycling socks and running socks. The best thermal socks are thin, lightweight ones made from synthetic fabrics that evaporate sweat.

8. Warmer Headwear
You can slide in cotton headgear under your helmet. Or you can wear a cap. Either way, you should make sure it fits well under your helmet. An integrated lining with ventilation can help keep your head cool and comfortable, so remember to pick some of that up for those long bike rides.

The purpose of a hat is to protect the head from the wind, rain, or cold air and keeps heat out.

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Unspoken Cycling Rules You Should Know

Complying with these cycling rules will bring you easy on the road during the fall.

1. Obey the Law
It would be important to sign up and pass your tests for your bike just as you would for a car. Also, look up the set rules depending on location.

2. Be Cautious Of Pedestrians When In Traffic
Pedestrians in busy areas may enter traffic unexpectedly if they feel it's safe. Pedestrians are focused on their phones or texting, leading to careless behavior toward cyclists looking for a better place for a new lane position.

Be at least 3 feet distant from any pedestrians when cycling.

3. Be Predictable On the Road
Knowing who is turning at what intersection will help you be more aware of your surroundings and can lead you to avoid accidents. Make sure that you use hand signals, especially when you intend to make a turn with your bike.

4. Acknowledge Other Bikers and Ask For Directions
When stopping at an intersection, it would be polite to acknowledge other bikers around you by giving them a wave or nod to say hi. Also, remember that only some people know where they are going when riding their bikes on the sidewalk or up ahead in traffic.

If this occurs, ask for help from a stranger who may know where your destination is.

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5. Assemble Your Commuter Kit
If you are a commuter who needs to ride in the dark, you should invest in clothing made for the fall season. It will make you more visible to the cars and other bikers on the road. Reflective clothing is important in keeping you visible to other bikers and drivers on the road.

Also, if your bike doesn't come prepared with lights, purchase some rechargeable or replaceable batteries to stay more visible and see where you are going at night while riding.

6. Lock Your Bike
If you don't lock your bike properly, it can be stolen within minutes. Your bike can be gone; you will know how it happened the next day.

You should invest a small amount in a U-lock for your bike and keep it with you on your person to ensure your bicycle is safe.

When locking up, remember to choose the right location to lock up at, preferably a highly visible one with pedestrians around. Always avoid back alleys and out-of-the-way places when looking for places to lock up your bike because they are not visible, and thieves tend to take advantage of this.

Reasons Why Cycling In Autumn Is Awesome

Cycling in the fall is slightly different from cycling in the summer, but there are still plenty of things to love about riding your bike during this time. Read on to find out why you should start looking forward to autumn.

1. Fall Weather Is Perfect For Cycling
Fall weather is perfect for cycling. Many people think that autumn weather is bad due to being cold, but it is true. Not only will you be able to stay active during autumn by riding your bike, but you can also wear more comfortable clothes since it will be less cold.

2. Few People in the Trail Centers
The trails in the fall are more relaxed than in the summer, so there is plenty of room to ride and make your trails.

3. Lots of Snow on the Ground
Snow on the ground is ideal for cross-country riding because it makes deep glades and tracks more spaced out. If you have a mountain bike or trail bike, it's also awesome to ride on this kind of terrain since you can get some great speed with these bikes since they are designed for rugged terrain like this.

4. Fall Colors Are Beautiful
Trees change color throughout autumn, starting with green, turning red, and finally, yellow-orange, creating a beautiful scene.

5. Get to Glow Up
The cold air on your skin during the fall is no joke for your skin- so refreshing. Ensure to take care of this by putting on a good moisturizer.

6. Keeps You from Cold
Cycling during autumn is cheap and safeguards you from the chilly weather.

7. Be Grateful
Autumn is a time to be aware of what we have. We were gifted with a beautiful season, and soon, it might be gone until next year, so enjoy every day out on the trails during this time of year.

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1. How do I check for trail conditions?
A good way to find out what kind of rating you should look for when cycling on a particular trail is to find out which bike you ride and the type of rider you are. If you are riding road bikes on shorter distances, your local council will require you to use the road network, called off-road riding.

2. Which safety gear should I buy?
It would help if you always rode with the latest safety gear on your bike. You will ride safer and be visible to other bikers and drivers on the road. There are different types of safety gear depending on your needs.

3. How do I avoid traffic?
It might be hard to avoid traffic when cycling, but if you are careful about who and what you are with at the time, you can watch out on the road.

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Autumn cycling is a fun activity that comes with double enjoyment. With all that you have learned here, you should be able to go out and enjoy the fall weather while riding your bike.


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