Thank you for joining in Santic Reward Club and we are proud to offer our points to you when you shopping on  santic.com. You will get our reward for every purchase, with $1 to earn 1 point. The more you spend the more you earn. Besides, we also have other ways that you can earn points, including Create Account, Like on Facebook, Follow Instagram, and Twitter as well.

How To Earn Point

How To Redeem Point

You can get one $30 cash coupon when your point reaches 600, and one order only accepts one $30 cash coupon. After successfully redeeming, you will get a special code for buying and then the system will automatically deduct 600 points from your account.

How Do I View My Point

You need to login your account first if you join in our club and then your earned point will show in your account. Besides, our system will automatically accumulate points according to your per purchase or other rewards. Join now

When Reward Point Expire

Our reward point will not expire and the point will continue to accumulate according to your every transaction amount. 
But the corresponding point will be automatically deducted after you redeem the cashback coupon. If you redeem one $30 cashback coupon, and then your total point will be reduced by 600 points.  

Noted: One order only accept one discount offer. 

If you have other questions regarding reward program, please contact us service@santic.com