Best Bike Locks of 2024:Secure Your Bike

It's a big investment buying a bike, so to make sure you keep it safe you need the best bike locks money can buy. If you can afford a new bicycle, it's also a good idea to set aside some money for security, and purchasing the appropriate bike lock for your bike should be part of the procedure.

It might be difficult to choose the ideal lock for your bike. There are several options, and making the incorrect selection might be devastating. Fortunately, this article will provide you with detailed information about bike locks and how to choose them. Continue reading to find out more!


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1.  Best U-Lock: Kryptonite New York U-Lock

Because the Kryptonite New York U-Lock features a 16-millimetre-thick U that locks into the cylinder on both ends, a burglar would have to grind through the lock twice—once on each side of the top curve—doubling their time bent over a screeching angle grinder. It comes with an adjustable strap bracket that fits any tube on your bike, making it simple to install the lock while riding.

● The lock comes with an insurance cover, so it offers optimal security.
● A key replacement for a registered key is included. ● It comes with anti-theft software. 

Its standard installation may not be compatible with all bicycles.


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2.  Best Cheap Bike Lock: Kryptonite Evolution Mini-7 With Flex Cable

The Kryptonite Evolution Mini-7 shackle is a 13mm hardened max-performance steel shackle that is resistant to bolt cutters and leverage assaults. It has a Patent-Pending Hardened double deadbolt design that adds further security against twist attempts. This lock includes a cable that can be put through your front wheel, allowing you to secure your bike without the need for a second lock.

● It’s s solid U lock that provides you a lot of bang for your buck offers optimal security.
● It's constructed of steel, making it difficult for a thief to cut through.
● It comes with a flexible strap that you may use to secure your bike to bike racks.

The keyhole cover is fragile and does not lock or click in place.


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3.  Best Lightweight Chain Lock: Abus Ivera Chain 7210 

The Abus Ivera Chain 7210 has 7mm square links enclosed in a very robust and unique hydrophobic mesh Casing that sheds water, making it perfect for usage in areas with a lot of rain or bad weather. The enclosure also protects your paint job from scratches caused by the chain. This gadget locks without the need of a key; just snap the end into the head to secure it.  

● It's long enough to connect two wheel frames to a stand.
● The lock cylinder is in fine working order.
● The chain lock seems to be very precious and sturdy.

It's expensive.


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4.  Best Wearable Chain Lock: Hip Lock Gold Chain

The Hip Lock Gold Chain is a Sold Secure Gold Rated chain lock that adjusts to suit the rider’s waist without being attached to them for optimal protection. It has a speed buckle fastening system as well as a coded key replacement programme, making it an excellent option for high-risk metropolitan settings.

● It has a long-lasting and difficult-to-cut chain.
● The chain is light and easy to wear.
● The lock is really safe.

The chain is short, so if you park the bike on a bike rack at the front tire, you won't be able to wrap it around the frame.


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5.  Best Bike Lock: Bordo Granit XPlus 6500

The BORDO GRANIT XPlus 6500 Folding Lock is the BORDO lock's top-of-the-line model. For bike thieves, this folding lock is a difficult nut to crack, and it can survive even the most relentless attempts. It has 5.5mm steel bars with an additional soft coating to save the frame from being damaged.

● This lock is large and very strong.
● It's cost-effective.
● It's a fantastic lock that's straightforward to use.

It's too cumbersome to transport.


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6.  Cheap Foldable Bike Lock: Kryptonite Keeper Folding Bicycle Lock

The 3mm hardened steel links on the Kryptonite Keeper Folding Lock make it suited for modest security lockups. This lock comes with a travel bracket that makes it simple to install and transport.

● It has a sliding Dust Cover to keep dirt and debris out.
● It's lightweight and portable.
● It also has anti-theft features.

It's hefty, so securing it to the bike's body using brackets is difficult.


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7.  Best Bicycle Locks: Master Lock - Two 6 ft Python  Adjustable Cable Locks 

The Python Adjustable Cable Locks is the world's first adjustable locking cable that can hold anything within its grip and is always the perfect length for your application. The cable slides through a hole in the locking mechanism, allowing you to adjust the loop size as needed.

● When you lock the device after creating the size loop, it remains in place.
● The cable has a crimped-on metal cap for added durability.
● It is rust-free because it is made of stainless steel.

Some python cables have an unpleasant chemical odor.


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8.  Best Mid-Level Combo: Kryptonite New-U KryptoLok

With a hardened performance steel shackle and a double deadbolt anti-rotation design, the Kryptonite New-U KryptoLok resists bolt cutters and twisting leverage attacks as well as a 12. 7 Mm hardened performance steel shackle. The lock features a vinyl coating that protects the lock's disc-style cylinder with centre keyway, making it drill resistant.

● It comes with a drill-resistant high-security disc-style cylinder.
● It includes two stainless steel keys that are ergonomically designed to lessen torque.
● It has anti-theft protection, so if you lose your bike, you may be paid.

To activate the lock's mechanism, you may need to jiggle it multiple times.

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Buyer's Guide for Bike Locks

With so many bike locks on the market, picking the correct one may be difficult. Luckily, you'll learn what to look for when purchasing a bike lock in this section.

A Cycle Lock's Weight and Dimensions

The most important item to consider when purchasing a lock for your bicycle is the lock's weight and dimensions. You must calculate the size of the locker and the size of the bicycle based on your needs. If it suits your fashionable bicycle and matches your needs, you should go on to additional considerations, such as the possibility of purchasing a cutting-edge technology-based lock.

After you've double-checked that the lock is the proper size for your bicycle, verify the lock's weight. If it's too heavy or too light for you, you'll need to find another lock that satisfies your weight requirements. Avoid using hefty locks since they will be difficult to manage. A hefty bike lock might damage the spokes of your bicycle wheel and treble your costs. Lighter locks are more easily broken. As a result, go for a mid-weight lock. It is a viable alternative for you.

The Functionalities of the Parts

You can make blunders by failing to evaluate the ideal functionality of all aspects of a product before purchasing it. And then you'll be sorry when you find out that any aspect of a product isn't working properly. As a result, ensuring the proper functionality of all aspects of a product becomes critical. It also applies to the locks on bicycles. When ordering a lock for your bicycle, be sure that all of the components are in good working condition. You may encounter troubles later if you do not do so.

If you're acquiring it online, read the description carefully and double-check the functionality of every component of the lock when it arrives. If you discover a flaw in your ordered lock, return it as soon as possible and replace it with a higher-quality lock.

Thickness and Material Quality

Keep in mind that crooks are always wiser than you. They have brilliant designs and cutting-edge technology to break or cut your locks. As a result, having a lock of excellent material quality becomes quite important. Make sure your lock's material is of good quality. If you acquire it online, you'll almost likely get a description of the material quality of your smart lock for your bike. However, if you purchase from a local market, it is impossible to guarantee the lock's quality

Check the thickness of your lock as well. Is it difficult to cut or break, or is it a thief's favorite target? Your bicycle is constantly at risk of being stolen if your bike lock is not correctly layered. Consequently, you should get a sturdy lock that will not be an easy target for a thief.

The Brand 

Local locks are seldom long-lasting and dependable, so don't get them only to save a few dollars. Duplicate keys for local locks are also simple to create. So, you must get a well-known brand of lock. It may be a bit more costly than local locks, but if you invest a little extra to get a branded lock for your bicycle, you will eliminate the risk of it being stolen.

Branded bicycles and bike locks are manufactured of high-quality materials and come with a one-year or longer guarantee. Furthermore, the components of branded locks last a long time and are in excellent shape. As a result, individuals prefer branded bicycle locks over local ones. When purchasing a cycle lock, go for a branded lock rather than a low-cost lock. It will guarantee that you will be able to ride your beloved bicycle.

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Examine the Lock's Reviews

The easiest method to determine the quality and functioning of a bicycle lock is to look at its reviews. You will be able to read various reviews published by people if you acquire your lock online. Based on those evaluations, you can choose which brand of cycle lock to purchase and which brand to avoid.

What are the different kinds of bike locks?

The most popular kinds of locks are listed below.

U-locks (or D-locks)

These metal locks, which are shaped like a U with a bolt-on top, are more difficult to fit around lampposts or railings, but they work well with bike racks and are more difficult for a bike thief to break through than cable or chain locks. Their disadvantage is that they are challenging to use unless a bike rack or skinny pole is nearby.

Folding locks

They're a cross between a cable and a U-lock. Because they fold down, they're a little more compact than cable locks, and they're a little stronger. However, they may be a little more difficult to utilize. 

Chain locks

As long as the lock itself is robust, beefy chain locks are excellent solutions for deterring bike thieves. A chain lock is usually accompanied with a tiny U-lock that secures the chain's ends together. These are suited for higher-risk circumstances, and although they're bulky and take up a lot of space, they're rather simple to operate in most instances.

Cable locks

Cable locks are affordable, commonly available at bike shops and big-box retailers, and provide the longest alternatives for locking a group of bikes. In low-risk locations, they may be a good deterrent. However, since these locks are the simplest to break, it’s crucial to consider many factors before buying them. They do, however, make an excellent addition to a U-Lock, allowing you to lock both wheels at once.


Bikes are simple to steal, yet it's almost hard to get them back after they've been taken. While nothing can stop the most determined burglar from stealing your bike, the majority of thefts may be avoided by securely locking your bike with a robust, well-designed lock.

Despite the fact that there are several bike locks on the market, we've analyzed the finest bicycle locks to assist you in making the best decision.

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