Best 9 Bike GPS Trackers: A Buyer’s Guide 2024

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MTo select the finest tracking devices for bike use, you need to know what security and tracking aspects you require; consider the GPS's real-time tracking accuracy and speed. Examine the tracking capabilities accessible on the tracker's Smartphone device and whether you can tweak things.

When purchasing a GPS bicycle tracker, consider the battery performance, the size of the gadget, and any additional monthly membership fees that may apply. This post looks at the top 9 GPS trackers to help you with your bike. Read on to learn more!

What are the essential components of a good bike tracker?

Below are some of the components that make a good bike tracker:

· Simple to set up and install
Although most GPS tracking devices are visible, a few of the best GPS monitoring systems are difficult for robbers to notice. Some trackers are not visible, such as those placed together with bike lights, and some are installed in a bike's saddle frame, handlebars, or framing. The secret is getting the one you can easily install and set up
● Long battery life
Any tracker is useless if it is not on. Examine the average life of the battery when it is in regular use. Generally, you will need a tracker that can run for about two to three weeks on, one full charge; however, some can run for months.
● Quick and Easy To Charge:
You should get a tracker that recharges easily, quickly, and is long-lasting. One full charge should serve you for two to three weeks.
● Difficult For a Thief to Discover or Remove:
Check that the tracker you are considering offers the security capabilities that you require for your bike. Some decent trackers allow riders to establish bespoke Geofences all around the spots where they leave their bicycles; you will get a notification if it moves from that position while you are not present.
● Effective Tracking
The top Trackers for bikes all provide real-time position monitoring. However, the rate at which a system can adjust its position utilizing Geolocation might differ. A few will send current location updates as frequently after every 5 seconds, whereas others will only give real-time updates every 1 minute.

1. Apple AirTag

Anybody who owns an Apple device will enjoy the Apple Air Tag which is low-cost and will serve you longer. It can follow your bicycle's location using the Locate my application and a system of iPhones. It is simple to install, and they are gadgets that conceal it in the top of bicycle handlebars, making it almost unnoticeable to predators.

Essential Specifications
● Battery performance: up to a year (replaceable)
● Installation: There are subtle mounting solutions.
● 1.25 x 0.31 inches in size
● There is no subscription.
Reasons to Buy 
● There is no subscription.
● There is no subscription.
● The battery’s full of life and lasts for weeks on a full charge
● Discrete
● Easy to operate
Reasons to Avoid:
● Only compatible with Apple phones or iCloud
● Can mistakenly alert burglars to the presence of the device
● The signals may not pass through metals, rendering them undetected.

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2. Samsung SmartThings Tracker

Samsung smart things-tracker is the best brand-name bike GPS tracker. Although a good bike GPS tracking system will only function if you lose your bicycle, the bike is in your custody and not lost. Smart Things offer some capabilities that will make things better for you.

It is a GPS gadget with cellular connectivity that accomplishes more than tracking movements. You can follow the gadget wherever it is and establish areas for alerts when it approaches or departs a zone through the Samsung application; it is perfect for noting when your spouse or children are coming home after their trip.

Alternatively, if you own a smart residence, you may use a tracker to activate the bot when you arrive and depart. It is like starting the teapot, opening the basement gate, switching on the heaters, and whatever else you wish.

● Dimensions: 1.6 inches square
● IP68 water resistance
● AT and T's System connectivity
● Membership fee: one-year free plan, then $50 per year
Reasons to Buy: 
● Integrates well with smart Homes
● Cellular Networking
Reasons to avoid:
● The Battery's Lifespan Is Short
● You require subscription 

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3. See. Sense Air

Sense provides a subtle security layer for your bicycle. 

You can install the See Sense Air device in different spots on your bicycle; such as beneath your saddle or beside a drink carrier. It has a long battery life that guarantees that once fitted, you will not have to loosen and tighten nuts weekly.

The device communicates your bicycle's movement to an associated program, comparable to how Smartphone apps function.

If your bicycle moves to a new location, an audio alarm will ring, and you will get an alert on your phone indicating that perhaps tampering is happening. Should you lose it through theft; you will get a real-time location and report to the authorities.

● Retail value: £149.99
● 80-gram mass
● 65 x 50 mm in size
● Multiple networks apply.
● Water-resistant
Reasons to buy
●  Battery life is long.
● Slim and unobtrusive (just 80 g)
● Watertight and tamper-free features
Reasons to avoid
● You need to subscribe to, use the gadget

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4. Tile Sticker

The tile-sticker is unmistakably Tile's answer to Apple's airbag. It is a Bluetooth gadget that communicates with any iOS or Android mobile device to determine its location within 240 feet. Past that point, its placement depends on a tile matrix. Similar to Air Tag, the sticker has a lengthy battery lifespan and may be secretly installed on the bicycle.

Key Specifications
● Maximum of three years of battery lifespan 
● Adhesive pad for installation
● 1 × 0.3 inches in size
● Extra functionality includes gadget detection through the Tile Network and IP67 water resistance.
● You can choose to subscribe or use a free plan
Reasons to buy
● Economical
● Long battery lifespan
● A subscription is optional
Reasons to avoid
● Small
● The battery is permanent and irreplaceable 
● Tile owners in the region must ping the area.

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5. Alterlock

Alterlock is the most effective GPS tracker for simple bike integration. It fits nicely beneath your beverage cage and comes with security fasteners to prevent it from being readily withdrawn. It is rechargeable by a USB connector in its bottom and may be set up or removed using the supporting software. AlterLock has a battery capacity and performance that can last for one and a half months because its GPS component is only engaged if the bicycle is lost.

Upon activation, any mobility will trigger an alert and you will get a signal on your mobile. Over small stretches, it utilizes Bluetooth, though if your bicycle is moving, it employs the Sigfox system over Mobile broadband to publish its location, integrating Internet access and GPS pings to zero in on your bicycle.

● Dimensions: 159mm x 38mm x 9mm
● IP66 water resistance
● Sigfox networking system
● The subscription price is £118.99 + £3.49 each month.
Reasons to buy
● It is a slimline
● Lightweight
● Aero
Reasons to avoid
● It is expensive
● There is no one global standard for the Sigfox protocol.

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6. Invoxia GPS Bike Tracker

There are no mounting materials included. This small invoxia GPS tracker can operate for 16 weeks on a single charge. It has many essential capabilities that a GPS tracker can provide. These include geofencing and inclination tracking, which may immediately inform you if the device is not in a specified region or has migrated, alerting you on real-time basis if your bicycle is lost. This is due to its mobile phone connection. It also has mapping tools to keep track of your travels and experiences.

Key Specifications
● 4moths battery life on a full charge
● It has a hand strap for mounting.
● 4 x 1 x 0.5 inches in size
● Geofencing, GPS data, and inclination security
Reasons to buy
● It is Subtle
● Geofencing is available.
● Monitoring and tracking
Reasons to avoid
● A little pricey
● A subscription is required
● There are no mounting materials included.

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7. Sherlock Bike Tracker

Sherlock is the most effective covert GPS bike tracking device. It is housed in the handlebar ends, so it blends in with the bicycle, and inexperienced criminals may never detect and dispose of it. It comes with a GSM SIM built in, and the initial payment covers membership for two years, so you will not have to worry about expenses for a long time.

The battery's performance lasts for one week before charging it through its USB connector. It has a motion tracker to tell you if your bicycle is moving.

It has a Bluetooth installation for a short-range connection with the mobile application. Even if somebody rides your bicycle to the Antarctic Peninsula, you will get accurate position details thanks to the GPS chip aboard.

● 120mm x 18mm in size
● GSM SIM card connection
● The membership fee is free for the first two years, then €3 per month
Reasons to buy
● It integrates well with Bikes
● Detection of movement and theft
Reasons to avoid
Battery life is short.

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8. Winne GPS Tracker

Winnes Mini Tracking device is an excellent choice for a compact gadget that will provide you with an assurance of safety. It features real-time monitoring and a precision of more than five meters.

One of the most outstanding capabilities is the "Geo-fence" option that enables you to establish a border on the maps, such as your yard or lawn. If your bike exceeds specified limits, an alert will ring, making this device one of the most sophisticated systems in this collection.

● It has an SOS button
● LED indication light that is smart and responsive
● Tracking in real-time
● Pathway of recording history
● It is a treasured memory
Reasons to buy
● Low-cost Membership fee: Invoxia GPS Tracking
● Apple Air Tag is the most inconspicuous
● Tile stickers are the cheapest option
● Individual protection is best served by: Tracki Model 2022 4G LTE Mini GPS Tracker
Reasons to avoid
May give a vague location signal

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9. Vodafone Curve Bike GPS Tracker

The Vodafone-curve clamps tightly to your saddle post and features a shell that holds a Cellular monitor with a detachable red illumination located at the back. This is another choice that integrates a bicycle rear lamp with a Tracking device. The sensor is immersed in the light and is chargeable through a USB cord, so you may not realize it has run flat.

Its 107 decibels motion warning is triggered by detaching the lighting component from the sensor housing.

● 121mm x 48mm in size
● IP67 water resistance
● GSM connectivity
Reasons to buy
● Integrated lighting
● The light unit charges the tracker
● Crash warnings
Reasons to avoid
At 256g, it's a little heavy.

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1. How should one prepare if the bike is stolen?
Installing a GPS tracker on your bike allows you to track its whereabouts incase you lose it. The tracking system provides real-time location information, which you may view virtually through an application or online interface.

2.What insurance details should I check?
Some individuals have their bicycles covered by their property insurance. It is generally less costly than specific bike coverage, and you presumably already have one. However, this insurance coverage does not extend to luxury bikes.

3.What records of ownership do I need?

Every law enforcement officer will ask for the model number if you enquire what details they require about a lost bicycle. If you do not know the model number, even if the police find your bicycle, it may never be returned to you.

4.What help can I expect with a stolen bike, and what should I do?

For some users, the minute a bike gets lost, they assume it is gone forever, while others, in contrast, believe that police departments will search to recover their bike.


Since bikes are expensive, theft or robbery when riding may occur. If something like that happens to you, a bicycle GPS tracker may be able to assist you.

The bicycle GPS tracker might make a big difference in finding your stolen bike, ells you may never see it again. Preventing theft early on is always preferable, but a GPS tracker for bikes may save the day if your bicycle gets lost.

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