Team Santic- KOMRIVAS- Cactus BúhoBike Challenge

David Noguera and Alberto Polanco

Cactus BúhoBike Challenge 73,7 Km - 180 participants
David Noguera 14 Classified M40
Alberto Polanco 13 Classified M40

Race with a first neutralized section of 5 km, once the gas was opened David and Alberto were placed in a first group of 40 riders. They rode very hard on the flat and reached the first climb of 1.6 km at 6% about 30 riders.

David and Alberto did not manage to hold on in the lead group, and were left in a second group of 8 riders, they rode a lap in group and the second pass through the climb the peloton was very fragmented and practically and would remain in the final positions.

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