Team Santic-Wibatech- Dookola Mazowsza 2.2

Bartlomiej Proc, Pawel Szostka, Jonas Sonnleitner, Patrick Haller, Piotr Pekala, Tim Wollenberg

Stage 1

For the 1st stage of the four-day Polish Dookola Mazowsza-Tour 2.2, our riders were able to secure a classification jersey through Pawel Szostka and also place a rider in the top ten with Bartlomiej Proc in 9th place.

"We are satisfied with the start", Patrick Haller summed up. In the 168 kilometre long flat stage around Teresin, Pawel Szostka was able to break away from the peloton after 50 kilometres with another rider and secure time bonuses at the intermediate sprints. As a result, he moved up to third place in the overall classification - seven seconds behind the leader. In addition, Szostka wears the jersey of the leader in the intermediate sprint classification. "

We covered all the attacks in the peloton behind the two escapees and so it didn't look so bad for Pawel for a long time. In the last lap they still had a 2:30 minute lead, but then unfortunately they were put down three kilometres before the finish", Haller reported.

Stage 2

The 2nd stage was over 165 kilometres and again with very solid results for our team. Bartlomiej Proc came in 5th in the daily classification. However, Pawel Szostka had to give up the leader's jersey he had won the day before in the intermediate sprint classification. "But we will try to get it back", Wollenberg announced. Szostka remains in sixth place in the overall standings. Overall, we were still satisfied with the performance of our riders. "It was a fast race with many attacks, but no big groups could break away. In the final sprint we then achieved a good fifth place with Proc," Tim Wollenberg summed up after the race.

Stage 3

On the third day of the Dookola Mazowsza Tour, the 163 kilometres around Plonsk continued towards the first podium for Bartlomiej Proc, with Proc just missing the podium. "That was a good fourth place for Proc", Patrick Haller commented on the performance of the Pole. Patrick Haller himself was part of a four-man leading group. "But the peloton didn't really let us go and we were caught up again after the intermediate sprint after 80 kilometres," reported the 25-year-old, who secured time bonuses at the intermediate sprints and thus moved up to eleventh place in the overall classification. The best rider in the overall classification of our team, however, remains Pawel Szostka in seventh place.

Stage 4

The last stage of the Mazowsza Tour in Poland ended with many positive stories for our team. 165 flat kilometres characterised the last course.

"We wanted to collect seconds again today and get a result in the final. I was able to win the second sprint and Pawel the third. So we are now ninth and fourth overall. In the final it was wild and Tim just missed the podium in the sprint", Patrick Haller summarised the day.

 We had two riders in the top positions of the final classification. Pawel Szostka was able to improve three positions and finished the tour 16 seconds behind in fourth place. His team mate Patrick Haller made up two places and finished ninth. On the final day, Tim Wollenberg got a free ride in the sprint and just missed the podium in fourth place, while Bartlomiej Proc finished twelfth.