Pedaling with TNN Pro Cycling: Inspiring Diabetes Success Stories

Did you know that a group can lift a person's spirits or reduce stress as effectively as a hug? If you did not, do not worry. A team bicycle ride is something that almost anyone can participate in, much better while living with diabetes. Team Novo Nordisk has done an excellent job of making the "scary" feel safe and fun.

The article content has got you covered, with many tales about this group and captivating success stories.

About TNN Pro Cycling

Team Novo Nordisk, or TNN Pro Cycling, is a nonprofit professional cycling team that provides rides for people with diabetes. They bring together people who have newly diagnosed or are monitoring their diabetes to provide support from both a physical and emotional perspective.

TNN's mission is to empower people with diabetes through awareness, education, and friendship. It sounds like a great mission, and it all starts on the bike with close-knit teammates. You get to chase your dreams on a bicycle, upping your physical fitness and avoiding the stress of living with diabetes. Teammates learn to help each other out, find motivation, and connect with others on a personal level.

The cycling group also takes an active part in helping people with diabetes do things that may seem impossible, like running a race or getting off the couch to exercise. Teammates ride in teams across North America and the UK to help participants achieve their goals by providing support and encouragement and celebrating each rider's success.

In 2006, Phil Southerland and Joe Eldridge took a team of 8 with type 1 diabetes to a 3,000-mile race across the US. At the same time, they realized that these rides changed each team member's life. It was then that they decided to start Team Novo Nordisk officially.

The most impeccable time was in 2019 when the team participated in its first world race, the Tour of Portland.

While not on the bike, the TNN Pro Cycling team gathers thousands of individuals and groups yearly, offering education, inspiration, and support to those with diabetes. From congresses to a Facebook community, they give people with diabetes the opportunity to learn about their health condition and how to manage it better.

Inspiring diabetes success stories

Now that you're a little bit more familiar with Team Novo Nordisk, let's get to the good stuff: the success stories. It is also time to see how diabetes can be tackled head-on to achieve your dreams. You can do it by empowering people with diabetes and helping them embrace their lives.

1. Full Speed Ahead and Team Novo Nordisk: A Partnership That Empowers People with Diabetes

Full Speed Ahead (FSA) is a leading manufacturer of cycling components. In 2018, FSA partnered with Team Novo Nordisk, the world's first all-diabetes professional cycling team. This partnership has been an enormous success, and it has helped to empower people with diabetes all over the world.

FSA provides Team Novo Nordisk with top-of-the-line cycling components, including wheels, cranksets, and handlebars. This equipment helps the team to perform at their best, and it also helps them to manage their diabetes. For example, FSA's Vision Metron 30 SL wheels are lightweight and aerodynamic, which can help the team save energy during long races. FSA's KICKR SNAP indoor trainer also allows the team to train even when they cannot be outside.

In addition to providing equipment, FSA supports Team Novo Nordisk in other ways. For example, FSA sponsors the team's educational programs, which teach people with diabetes to live active and healthy lives. FSA also helps to raise awareness about diabetes, and it encourages people with diabetes to pursue their dreams.

The partnership between FSA and Team Novo Nordisk is a powerful example of how businesses can help improve the lives of people with diabetes. By providing equipment, support, and education, FSA is helping to empower people with diabetes to live their best lives.

2. Sarah Sturm: From Couch Potato to Professional Cyclist

Sarah Sturm was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was 12. She was initially devastated, but she quickly learned how to manage her condition and live an everyday life. However, she never imagined that she would one day become a professional cyclist.

Sturm started cycling as a way to stay active and manage her diabetes. She quickly fell in love with the sport and began to train seriously. In 2015, she was invited to join Team Novo Nordisk, the world's first all-diabetes professional cycling team.

Sturm has since gone on to achieve great success as a professional cyclist. She has won multiple races, including the Tour of California Women's Race in 2019. She is also a two-time national champion.

Sturm is an inspiration to people with diabetes all over the world. She shows that it is possible to live an active and healthy life with diabetes. She is also a strong advocate for diabetes awareness and education.

In addition to her success as a cyclist, Sturm is also a motivational speaker. She is a powerful example of how diabetes can be a challenge but cannot stop you from achieving your goals.

Sturm's story is an inspiration to people with diabetes all over the world.

3. Living with Type 2 Diabetes – Tom Chang

Tom Chang was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes when he was 41. He was overweight and inactive, and his doctor told him he needed to make significant lifestyle changes to avoid serious health complications.

Chang decided to go cycling to get in shape and manage his diabetes. He quickly fell in love with the sport and began training regularly. He also started to make changes to his diet and lose weight.

Within a few years, Chang had lost over 100 pounds, and his blood sugar levels were under control. He was also able to achieve his goal of becoming a competitive cyclist. He has competed in several races, including the Tour of California, and won several awards.

Chang is an inspiration to people with type 2 diabetes worldwide. He shows that it is possible to live a healthy and active life with the condition.

4. Partnership with Team Novo Nordisk

In 2012, Team Novo Nordisk was created after Phil partnered with Novo Nordisk, the world's leading producer of diabetes care products. After a few years of racing, the team gradually became more and more successful. In 2015, they finished 2nd in the general classification in Tour of California. In early 2018, they started to win prizes.

Phil Southerland was diagnosed with diabetes in 1982. He began bike riding in his early years with friends. It went on to bigger audiences. Then, he decided to create a team dedicated to people with diabetes and become a symbol of how it is possible to manage the condition. The cycling group had both individuals living with diabetes and those without.

In 2018, Team Novo Nordisk had their most significant success by winning the general classification in Tour of California after a few years of racing. Phil Southerland says they had been working towards this since they were created. The season is not over yet, so there is more to come for this team dedicated to people with diabetes.

5. Living with Type 1 Diabetes – Jessie Diggins

In the summer of 2014, Jessie Diggins was invited to Team Novo Nordisk's camp with her friend, Lauren Stephens. Both riders had recently received their diagnosis of type 1 diabetes. Not long after the visit, they were asked to join the team as teammates.

In addition, they began to train together and ride in races together. 2016, Diggins won gold medals at the Olympic Games and World Championships and earned a spot on Team USA's roster for the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Diggins is an inspiration to people living with type 1 diabetes worldwide. She shows that it is possible to live an everyday life with diabetes.

Her success as a cyclist has won many prestigious awards, including the Ted Dawe Award in 2015 and the US Olympic Committee's Community Spirit Award in 2017. She has also been named one of People magazine's 100 most influential people and Sports Illustrated's 10 women who changed sports forever.

Diggins' story gives hope to people living with type 1 diabetes worldwide.

6. Living with Type 1 Diabetes – Jan Frodeno

Jan Frodeno was first diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was 22. He was training to be a professional mountain bike racer and had been riding since childhood. However, he experienced a lot of pain in his legs and feet. It seemed that his lifestyle and diet were not healthy enough for him to continue his sport.

In 1998, Frodeno started working with his doctor about ways to manage his diabetes. They decided that working out at the gym would keep him healthy and active. He soon began to notice that he could control his blood sugar levels by taking insulin before and after workouts at the gym.

In addition to the importance of intense exercise, Frodeno also stresses that following a healthy diet and lifestyle is essential. Within a few years, he competed in half-Ironman races and Ironman triathlon events.

Frodeno became the first person with diabetes to win an Ironman triathlon in 2008. He has won several other big races since then.

Frodeno strongly believes that people with diabetes can live healthy lifestyles if they change their diet and workout routines.

7. Living with Type 1 Diabetes – David Hall

David Hall has been living with type 1 diabetes for over 35 years. He started working as a bicycle courier when he was 16. His doctor recommended that he keep his blood sugar levels under control by exercising and taking insulin before and after work to keep him stable.

In addition, Hall also makes sure to eat healthy meals throughout the day to prevent spikes in his blood sugar levels. One of his favorite ways to boost his energy levels is having a banana before every ride.

He always considers that he must manage his diabetes with the right amount of insulin and sugar to prevent serious complications. He also takes B12 supplements before every race as a preventive measure.

Hall says that looking after one's health at every age is essential. With his experience living with diabetes for many years, he uses this experience to share his knowledge.

8. Marissa’s triumph over type 2 diabetes

Marissa Davis's journey with type 2 diabetes was fraught with challenges, but her unwavering determination and the support of Team Novo Nordisk transformed her life in extraordinary ways. Marissa's story is a beacon of hope and inspiration for countless individuals battling this prevalent form of diabetes.

Diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in her late thirties, Marissa initially felt overwhelmed and fearful. She struggled to manage her blood sugar levels and faced a barrage of health complications, including high blood pressure and obesity. The weight of her condition was taking a toll on her physical and emotional well-being.

During one of her routine doctor's visits, Marissa learned about Team Novo Nordisk. Intrigued by the concept of a cycling team dedicated to diabetes advocacy, she decided to explore this avenue to regain control of her life.

Marissa's journey with Team Novo Nordisk began with baby steps. She joined their local community cycling events and was welcomed by a supportive group of teammates who understood the daily challenges of living with diabetes. Marissa soon discovered the transformative power of regular exercise and a healthier lifestyle.

Under the guidance of Team Novo Nordisk's coaches and diabetes educators, Marissa learned how to manage her condition effectively. She adopted a balanced diet, monitored her blood sugar diligently, and made exercise an integral part of her routine. Her newfound sense of purpose and camaraderie with her teammates propelled her forward.

In a remarkable turnaround, Marissa shed excess weight, reduced her reliance on medication, and achieved stable blood sugar levels. She began participating in charity cycling events to raise awareness about diabetes and inspire others to take charge of their health.

One of Marissa's proudest moments came when she completed her first-century ride, a 100-mile cycling challenge. Her journey from a life marked by fear and uncertainty to one filled with vitality and achievement was remarkable.


The inspiring success stories within the realm of Team Novo Nordisk underscore the remarkable power of resilience, community, and the human spirit in overcoming the challenges of diabetes.

These stories, whether of professional athletes like Sarah Sturm and Jan Frodeno, everyday individuals like Tom Chang and David Hall, or the triumphant Marissa Davis, all share a common thread of determination and the unwavering support of a team that understands the intricacies of living with diabetes.

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