The 10 Best Cycling Backpacks 2024: A Buyer’s Guide

Santic Beibao Ⅱ Backpack - Black

Aquality cycling backpack will not only carry your stuff but also protect its contents with no sacrifice to your comfort. When buying a cycling backpack, it's better to put in time researching the best cycling backpacks, than to arrive at your destination with your stuff soaked through due to an unexpected rainstorm.

How to choose the best cycling backpack

When choosing a cycling backpack, it's necessary to consider your needs as a rider and be realistic about your riding habits. While some riders are looking for backpacks to carry supplies through the mountains, others may be looking for something to carry their gear daily to work.

Investing in a high-quality backpack will enable you to have more reliable transportation to work, rain or shine, without needing to rely on a car or public transportation. If daily commuting isn’t your thing, a backpack allows you to safely carry trip-enhancing items such as nutrition, tools, a spare tube, or even a first-aid kit.

1. Santic Beibao Ⅱ Backpack
 (Best Long Distance Cycling Backpack)

- $21.99 USD
- 11.2 L
-Lightweight, comfortable, form-fitting
The Santic Beibao Ⅱ is a lightweight cycling backpack meant for riders seeking more space than back pockets offer, without the bulkiness of a large backpack.

The backpack is constructed from stretchy, breathable mesh that makes wearing it feel like an extension of your skin. The outer shell has been weatherproofed, shrugging off the worst of weather you may come across. It also has adjustable padded shoulder straps to dial in the fit and make it unique to your body.

Another welcome bonus feature to the Santic Beibao Ⅱ is that it comes with a built-in location to store a hydration bladder. This increases the volume of water you can carry and makes staying hydrated convenient.

For the price, the kind of top-tier quality and features that you’re getting from this backpack is unmatched.

Santic Beibao Ⅱ Backpack - Navy

2. Chrome Industries Barrage Cargo Backpack
(Most durable commuter backpack)

- $160 USD
- 18 L
- Rugged, all conditions, watertight

The chrome Industries Cargo backpack is a great choice for anyone planning to ride in the rain.

It is durable, waterproof, and has a very utilitarian aesthetic. It is constructed from abrasion-resistant nylon and has a waterproof truck tarpaulin liner inside. The top features a roll top closure system, increasing reliability in the rain.

While the Chrome Industries Barrage Cargo Backpack comes with premium construction, at no surprise it also comes with a premium price. If you're looking for a backpack that will last you a very long time, this is the one.

Overall, this is a very durable and weatherproof backpack that will keep your belongings safe no matter the conditions.

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3. CamelBak M.U.L.E 12
 (Most Water Capacity)

- $120 USD
- 9 L, (3 L Water Bladder)
-Versatile and high capacity.

The Camelbak M.U.L.E is an incredibly versatile backpack that comes with a 3 L water bladder system.If you're looking for a backpack that you can comfortably ride all day in with limited water stops, this is an excellent choice. Not only is it great for cycling, but many hikers or day-trippers use this backpack for the large water volume.

The M.U.L.E features a large 3 L water bladder shielded by a water-resistant outer lining. The back panel is molded to ergonomically fit your back and has air channels to help with breathability.

While it has a large water capacity, it does lack gear capacity at only 9L of storage space. However, this does give enough room for a phone, nutrition, and small tools. Just don’t expect to commute to work with a change of clothes inside this backpack.

Overall, this is a versatile, high water capacity backpack well equipped for rides or hikes without many water stops.

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4. Evoc Commuter 18L
(Best commuter backpack)

- 125$ USD
-18 L
- Large capacity, basic, reliable design

Evoc’s 18L commuter backpack is very spacious and has excellent waterproofing. If you want a backpack for daily commuting then this is an excellent choice. At a practical size for riding, you stay comfortable while still being able to haul a respectable amount of stuff.

Constructed from PVC-free tarpaulin, and seamed with watertight zippers this backpack isn’t fully waterproof, but it will certainly keep your belongings dry on an average commute.

This bag's greatest strength is the many inner compartments for organizing your gear. Commuting with a laptop, chargers, and other electronics mean you won’t have to untangle a rat's nest of wires when you arrive at your destination.

In summary, this is a reliable, well-organized bag that will certainly satisfy the majority of commuters' needs.

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5. Santic Nailiang Backpack
 (Best Value Cycling Backpack)

- $29.99 USD
- 6.8 L
- Portable, Reflective, and water resistant

The Santic Nailiang is a portable and comfortable backpack that delivers high-quality features at an unbeatable price. Long-distance cyclists looking to carry the essentials and still have room left over for extras should consider this option.

Crafted from polyester fiber fabric, this backpack repels water to keep its contents dry. To keep you feeling dry all day, the back padding and shoulder straps are made from breathable mesh that promotes airflow.

Scattered in various areas are attachment points suitable for flashlights and extra accessories. There are also large reflective zones that will aid with your visibility to motorists to keep you safe.

For the price, the features and number of compartments, this backpack provides is an amazing value that won’t leave you disappointed.

Santic Nailiang Backpack - Green

6. Osprey Syncro 12 Backpack
(Best all-terrain backpack)

- $200 USD
- 12 L
- Breathable, lightweight

Constantly proving its worth in all climates, the Osprey Syncro 12 is very breathable and lightweight. It also stores 2.5 L of water for an excellent mix of storing both water and gear comfortably. This is an excellent choice for mountain bike enthusiasts.

To cushion the load over all terrain, the straps feature 3D tension technology that almost acts as a trampoline for the backpack. A contoured mesh back panel keeps you feeling dry and cool all day without feeling any discomfort.

Therefore, this bag is an excellent multi-terrain performer that deserves a place in any rider's collection.

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7. Scott RC Raceday 60L
(Biggest Capacity)

- $175 USD
- 60L
- Huge Capacity, unrivaled levels of organization

The Scott RC Race Day 60L is a very large-capacity cycling backpack with many compartments to organize equipment. If you frequently need a lot of storage or organization in your cycling backpack, this is a very good option.

The shell is constructed from water-resistant high durability fabric. It flaunts three main compartments with features such as waterproof shoe bags, labeled compartments, and mesh pockets.

Padded adjustable straps hold the backpack close to your body, making the bulkiness of its size feel less of a nuisance. There are also chest and waist straps that work to firmly secure it even tighter to your body.

A downside to a backpack of this size is the weight and bulkiness. Although you can carry almost twice as much as any other backpack on the list when fully loaded this backpack could prove to be challenging to cycle with.

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8. Ortlieb Commuter-Daypack
(Best All-Condition Commuter Backpack)

- $200 USD
- 21L
-Stylish, fully waterproof

The Ortlieb Commuter pack is an excellent choice for those whose only priorities are storage space and weather-resistance. In those two areas, this backpack does exceedingly well, but unfortunately, this backpack lacks some of the organization and accessibility that other backpacks have.

The construction is very high-quality with water-resistant zippers and a durable rubber abrasion guard at the bottom. At the top of the bag is a rollover system that helps with weatherproofing. This is a backpack built to last a long time.

In terms of comfort, this backpack also performs well, thanks to ergonomic shoulder straps and TPU back padding. Within the padding are air channels to promote airflow so that you are less sweaty when you arrive at your destination.

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9. Patagonia Black Hole 25L
 (Most Repairable Cycling Backpack)

- $130 USD
- 25 L
- Versatile, weather resistant

At 25 L, the Patagonia Black Hole is a versatile, waterproof backpack. Not only is it great for cycling, but its size and weather proofing make it great for light camping, traveling, and hiking.

This is a great cycling backpack for commuting as it has respectable storage, and keeps its contents dry. The shell is made from TPU film laminate and has a DWR (durable water repellent) finish. Additionally, there's an interior laptop compartment to help with the transportation of sensitive tech.

An extra feature of this bag is that it is repairable. If you send it to Patagonia, they will repair it for you, which adds value and ensures a long lifespan. The premium service means that the bag itself isn’t exactly “budget” but it is a worthwhile investment.

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10. Proviz Reflect 360
 (Best Backpack for NightTime Cycling)

- 95$ USD
- 30 L
- Reflective, and High Capacity

For nighttime riding, the proviz reflect 360 is your safest option for a backpack. With a shell crafted almost entirely from reflective material, drivers will have clear visibility of your location on the road at all times.

This backpack is water-resistant and includes waterproof AquaGuard® zippers. Although the reflective material is great for visibility, the overall durability is sacrificed and the bag will show wear marks.

With 30 L of space, commuting to work with clothing, a 15.6" laptop, and lunch is no problem at all making it a very practical backpack. It also features padded shoulder straps and the option to store a hydration pack within.
Overall, this backpack is great for late-night or early-morning riders. It provides high visibility and ample storage but may show signs of wear early on in its lifespan.

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How much capacity is needed?

A backpack's capacity, generally measured in L (liters), determines how much gear you can carry with you. More volume means greater room for carrying objects. The following guide can help you determine what size you need based on what you are carrying with you:

10-15L (Hydration pack + Essentials) These 10-15L backpacks makes the best backpacks for long-distance cycling. They are lightweight, comfortable, and can hold the essentials (hydration pack, phone, nutrition, multi-tool) with little room to spare.

16-20L ( Bike day trip) These backpacks can comfortably carry all the gear you might need on a bike trip. These are the essentials, as well as some small bike repair pieces, a rain jacket, and other accessories.

21-25L (Light Commuter) A light commuter backpack is for someone who commutes to work and only brings a second set of clothes plus some smaller work supplies. They can be a bit of a tighter squeeze to fit all your work gear (if you have any) than a full-size commuter pack.

26-30L (Full Commuter) This specific capacity is the best full-time cycling commuter backpack, as it can carry lots of gear and accessories, without being too much of a nuisance for cycling. They will comfortably fit a change of clothing, a lunch, and a laptop.

Are Cycling Backpacks Comfortable?

A crucial part of finding the right backpack is the level of comfort that it provides. It's important to note that riders who commute only small distances may not be as concerned about comfort as riders who are in the saddle for a half hour and upwards. Regardless, nobody wants a backpack that will be uncomfortable to ride in.

When looking at the comfort a backpack provides, it's necessary to look at the points where the backpack contacts your body. These areas should be padded, and/or ergonomically shaped to contour your body. This also ensures your backpack won't shift around while riding, keeping you feeling stable.

Are Cycling Backpacks Breathable?

Quality cycling backpacks will have breathable mesh to prevent sweat stains on your ride to work. Another commonly used method to combat sweat stains is air channels. The back plate on many backpacks will have molded grooves to get the hot air away from your body and let the fresh air in.

Are Cycling Backpacks Waterproof?

Fair weather riders may consider lighter, more breathable backpacks. On the contrary, if you plan to ride rain or shine, you may consider a thicker backpack with a rubberized shell that's waterproof and will repel mud.

Cycling Backpacks Selection

Santic Nailiang Backpack

Santic Nailiang Backpack

Santic Beibao Ⅱ Backpack

Santic Beibao Ⅱ Backpack

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