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Born in 2005

We are a global sports group with an extensive supply chain, enabling us to quickly meet market demands and deliver high-quality products. Serving cyclists of all levels, we offer a wide range of equipment, including cycling shoes, cycling clothing, and cycling accessories.

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Santic's work is to make more people enjoy the freedom and allure of cycling. Through innovative products and rigorous global testing, we aim to create high-performance cycling gear that improves the riding experience for everyone. 

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We take pride in being the first cycling equipment brand from Mainland China to compete in the Tour de France, participating in the race in 2018, 2019, and 2021.

We have collaborated with multiple professional teams, including a three-year partnership with Intermarché - Wanty - Gobert Matériaux, creating various high-quality apparel. Additionally, we work with Team Santic Wibatech, Tormans Cyclo-Cross Team, Ljubljana Gusto Santic, and Team Novo Nordisk.



SANTIC® R-Feel is an in-house technology developed by Santic's team, featuring a special compound combined with organic silicon. The fabric's softness is enhanced with an anti-pilling coating, minimizing friction in both dry and wet conditions.


Santic R-Feel fabric offers excellent wash resistance and color retention. Its softness and high elasticity make it ideal for cycling and compression wear. The Santic R-Feel fabric is particularly suited for medium to long-distance cycling. It boasts high anti-pilling resistance, preventing pilling and color fading even after extensive use, as cycling pants continuously rub against the bicycle saddle. The manufacturing process prioritizes organic materials to reduce environmental contamination and pollution.

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SANTIC® UV SHIELD technology provides the highest level of sunscreen protection, with up to UPF50+. This specially treated fabric effectively blocks UVA and UVB rays during outdoor sports activities, preventing over-exposure to harmful sun rays that can damage the skin.


This lightweight breathable fabric ensure comfort and is widely used in Santic jersey, jacket and triathlon suit.

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SANTIC® STRETCH+ is an in-house technology developed by Santic’s research team and designers. The elastic nature of this fabric ensures a perfect fit to body contours, providing excellent aerodynamic characteristics and reducing muscle fatigue from excessive stretching during exercise.


Commonly used in cycling belts and other areas requiring frequent stretching, SANTIC® STRETCH+ offers full dimensional elasticity. This fabric maintains its elastic strength and shape consistently. Blending nylon yarn with a high-viscosity elastic compound and employing special weaving techniques, this fabric boasts high elastic strength, tear resistance, and Dry Fit properties, making it suitable for all weather conditions.

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Ride With Us

Riding is the heartbeat of our brand. We believe that the best rides are those shared with others. To bring this vision to life, we have created a variety of unique platforms and proudly run our cycling club, the Santic Strava Club, to connect and inspire riders from all corners of the world.


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