The 10 Best Gravel Bike Pedals in 2024 (Clipless and Flat)

Gravel road riding entails taking the less traveled path. You will encounter tricky terrain that will test your gravel cycling and riding abilities. Getting your cycle to shove over difficult areas is an essential component of gravel riding, particularly bike packing. Finding the ideal pedals is critical since they are among the key points of contact with the bicycle. They have a significant impact on your cycling comfort and confidence.

Because most gravel bikes arrive without pedals, you should opt for the appropriate option early so you can get in the saddle as soon as your ride arrives. We have a variety of solutions for you if you've tried various pedals but want to improve.

This article examines the Top 10 Gravel Bike Pedals in 2024 (Clipless and Flat).


What Kinds Of Pedals Are Best For A Gravel Bike?

The best gravel bicycle pedals will allow you to cycle smoothly and safely.

If you are a road cyclist, you are probably acquainted with three-bolt cleat systems from manufacturers like Look and Shimano. Such cleats are intended for optimal power and are firm at the base of your shoes.

What Pedals Do the Pros Use?

They use the same pedal as their teammates. Most teams have a pedal sponsor just as they have a bike sponsor, so if you know the team's pedal sponsor, you know what is attached to the bike and what is under the shoe of the best riders in the world.

Are Flat Pedals Safer Than Clipless?

Flat pedals are typically smoother for downhill riding and trickier since stepping off a flat pedal is quicker and easier than unclipping from clipless pedals; this applies to all riders. Flat pedals can assist cyclists in avoiding most bicycle mishaps.

Why Are Flat Pedals Better?

During a downhill ride, flat pedals are more beneficial to the riders. They improve power transmission via your crackpots; gives a greater variety of body positioning and movement; flexibility of shifting shoes down; and fast and an easy withdrawal of your heels from the cleats. Flat pedals improve body posture, movement range, and angulations.

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Should I Use Clipless Pedals On A Gravel Bike?

Clipless pedals are excellent, but not a must-have, although it is possible to use them for roadway and hillside riding.

Despite their unusual moniker, Clipless pedals are perfect and allow you to "clip in" to your shoes. They accomplish this because they have a robust springy system on the pedals and cleats tied to the shoe's base. As a result, you need to wear suitable bicycle shoes.

The advantages of Clipless pedals are many: they will have your shoe fastened to the pedals, you will enjoy a more grounded sensation and grip of the bicycle, a more effective cycling surface, and even a lower risk of pain if your feet are stable on the pedal.

The advantages of flat pedals include a broader surface for stable functionality and the option to wear any footwear you currently possess.

Can I Use Flat Pedals On A Gravel Bike?

Without a doubt, if you're not confident using clipless pedals, you can use flat pedals on any bike. After all, each method has advantages, so the best approach to determine is to balance the pros and cons.

The Best Gravel Bike Pedals

1. 1.Atac XC 8 Timer

The Time Atac XC 8 pedals are among the most costly, but they are extremely light and operate wonderfully. They are not officially roadway pedals, although they can smashgravel.

The Time pedals include a hollowed CrMo axle, an ultra-carbon frame, and three springy tension settings. It has an automatic pressure control system for simple contact and reliable disengagement.

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2. Chester the Racer

If you are a biker looking for pedals with the right blend of affordability and functionality, the Race Face Chesters is for you. You will not regret getting this excellent pedal pair.

The Chester pedal has a nylon hybrid shell with hexagonal grip pins for a similar outstanding grip metal pedals. This pedal provides excellent acceleration for a diverse spectrum of cyclists, particularly those seeking excitement on gravel. They are relatively costly, but represent a decent bargain.

Below are more advantages to using flat dirt pedals:

◆ They are light-weight
◆ Stainless pins provide outstanding grip.
◆ It is well sealed, keeping trail filth out of the working parts.
◆ A thinner and lighter concave base provides a more comfortable balance.

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3. Shimano PD-M520

If you are searching for a low-cost Clipless pedal option, the Shimano PD-M520 is an ideal choice. They are bulkier and less agile. Nonetheless, they make an excellent beginner shredder pedal.

These are a few of the reasonably priced Clipless dirt pedals available. The PD-M520 is a perfect pedal with components from two SH51 SPD pedals with 3° of floating and adjustable in/out spring force.

◆ Affordable
◆ Flexible in the mud 
◆ Detachable
◆ Dual-Sided Access
◆ Increases cycling performance
◆ Dependable
◆ Excellent Base 

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4. Crankbros Eggbeater 3

The Crankbros Eggbeater 3 is perfect pedals for bikers; they come with a unique package of quality cleats and shoe guards. The mechanism preserves your footwear while also allowing you to clamp them further into the pedals for unrivaled grip. They are $99.99. If you're looking for a less expensive solution, the Eggbeater 1 is another choice for $39.90.

They include a four-sided entrance that sheds muck well and has a quality configurable drift and releasing position that allows riders to cycle anytime and anywhere.

This type has an Igus inlet bearing and a double flap seal for unsurpassed performance and longevity. The pedals are built of durable cast steel material, weighing only 297 grams per set.

Crankbrothers pedals are straightforward to fix. The SPD mechanism is a good option for roadway bikers, with slimmer cleats that do not even scrape the gravel before the footwear and a highly polished release and grasp.

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5.  The Funn Python Flat Pedal

Fun is a good touring bike design. Their bumpy flat pedals provide an excellent gravel pedal. They're made of a CNC-milled 6061 aviation alloy and feature 12 hefty pins on every foot, so your shoes will have a good hold on the pedal.

They have a sleek and broad base that measures. They are built to endure, with the capacity to repair pieces as they wear out. The Python pedals are unique, with components for combative cyclists who want to pedal unbuckled."

Python pedals are blurry, light, and low-profile.

They come in six distinct color options.

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6. Platform Pedals by Crankbros 5050

They are bulkier with a bigger base than conventional pedals. If you are contemplating a cycling trip, these are a convenient pedal alternative for all sorts of biking. However, if you also wish to go gravel adventuring and conquer challenges off-road areas, those are the ones to consider.

They are broad and comfortable, with excellent traction regardless of the weather. The spindles are built of SM 435 carbon-fiber steel and have an alloy or hybrid body with components of F6061-T6.

These pedals are quite broad and flexible. Whether you have smaller or bigger feet, the extra space on the pedal provides a conducive and comfortable ride. Your shoes cling to them quite effectively. They are also somewhat slimmer than standard pedals, yet they are surprisingly strong, stable, and slick.

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7. Catalyst Pedals

Riding technologies show that new pedals will boost your performance, balance, and pleasure as soon as you hit the road. Come with a 1-month money-back policy. You can enjoy free delivery and return them if you do not prefer them!

Here are the features:

◆ VP Parts for quality and durability.
◆ It has the most diverse market base for your foot.
◆ Internal DU bushings and dual closed bushings.
◆ Eighteen pins are deliberately positioned on each side to enhance the unique, optimum posture made available with this technology.
◆ They have wider (8 mm) new grub.
◆ They provide enhanced grip.
◆ Four aluminum color options are available: blue, black, gray, and red.

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8. Shimano PD-GR500

These pedals have a one-of-a-kind design with a slanted base for improved grip and performance. They are extra-wide and very low-profile, with three adjustable pin level options to accommodate adjustable biking methods. For ease of servicing, the pins are interchangeable and slotted in from the backside.

The structure is extremely good for the price of $59.98, but they are also rather hefty at 533 g apiece. However, when cycling, this is barely perceptible. The pedals have a lot of traction, but you can exit from them quickly when needed.

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9. Spank Spike, Spike Flat

The pins on the pedals provide a significant amount of traction and a solid, spacious base. The bushings and bearings have a high degree of durability, are simple to maintain, and are ideal for larger feet. Most users have held onto their initial set for five years due to the quality and durability of the bike pedals.

They have a wider platform and no slippery feet. They are available for an additional $117.69. Here are some other characteristics.

◆ Big Base, 12mm Thick.
◆ Weight: 420g per pair.
◆ The pedal frame is made of a cool-drawn alloy.
◆ Semi-conductive Treated Steel Axle with Hollow Curve.
◆ Clipped endplates for better clearing and less pressure distribution.

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10. 45NRTH Helva Platform Pedals

The 45NRTH Helva pedals are ideal, sturdy, broad-base pedals that are slim, lightweight, and stylish. These low-profile snow-shedding pedals are ideal for a cold-weather bike packing trip!

◆ At $165.00, they are among the most costly selections in the collection.
◆ Below are some more characteristics.
◆ The wide-open pedal heads are 110 x 101 x 9 mm in size.
◆ 12 non-aggressive, interchangeable metal pins suitable for soft silicone combination shoe soles.
◆ Spindles made of 9/16 Chromoly; closed bushings.
◆ Complement most biking boots.

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How to Choose Gravel Bike Pedals

Here are what to consider when choosing gravel bike pedals.

●   Double-sided entry

Many gravel bike pedals include double-sided entry, and in some instances even four-sided entry. This makes engagement with the pedal quite simple, particularly when compared to single-sided road bike pedals.

●   Mud clearance

If you ride your bike throughout the year in situations that may become wet and muddy, you need think about how effectively your pedals shed mud. This is something that anybody who has competed in cyclocross racing will already be familiar with. Designs that are more open tend to be more optimized for mud clearing, which allows them to be less likely to get obstructed by debris and mud.

●   Walkable cleats

It is much simpler to walk away from your bike when it is equipped with recessed cleats because these cleats are designed to fit into a hollow in the sole of your shoe. This type of cleat is typically preferred for gravel riding because it increases the likelihood that you will be walking away from your bike to negotiate technical obstacles, gates, or even just to enjoy some coffee stops.

These recessed cleats are commonly seen on SPD-style pedals, which may be purchased from a variety of manufacturers including Shimano, Look, and Crankbrothers.

●   Durability

Before making a purchase, it is important to determine the condition of the pedals and whether or not they are usable. Depending on this factor, the pedals may only survive for a year or two, or they may endure for many decades.

For instance, Shimano normally use cup and cone bearings, which are simple to disassemble, clean, and re-grease; many other manufacturers, on the other hand, employ sealed bearing systems, which may be replaced.

●    Materials

When looking through the various price ranges of pedals that are available, you are likely to come across a variety of materials and an emphasis on weight reduction. This is similar to what you could discover when shopping for saddle rails, for instance. At higher price levels, you could discover alternatives made of titanium rather of steel.


Since pedals are among the few items you do not buy bundled with your new gravel bike, they will be among the first considerations you must make while preparing for a long ride.

Purchasing the perfect gravel bicycle pedals for you may be subjective, with various riders preferring a range of distinct types and models.

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