Mystery Cycling Shoes: Fascinating Story You Should Know

Cycling shoes are very important to our cyclists in every mile they log and also a role that can accompany you to explore different landscapes during riding. Every cyclist has their own stories when he rode in each section of the roads. our shoes like cyclists also have. 

 Santic Tai Chi Men's Carbon Road Bike Shoes

Tai Chi Men Road Cycling Shoes

As a typical artful Chinese Kongfu, Tai Chi has been highly popular with the small and weak people. The softness is stronger than hardness so that makes our mental relaxation when we do it. In order to make our cyclists feel comfortable and freedom during the riding so it inspires us to design

Tai Chi road cycling shoes. The breathability of the shoes is realized in all aspects and the outer side of the heel is wrapped by a U-shaped KPU, which can greatly improve the wrapping and stability of the shoes. Our TaiChi cycling also uses the lightweight carbon fiber sole for strengthening the hardness of the shoes and improving the pedaling efficiency. 

Picasso Road Cycling Shoes

Pablo Picasso is one of the greatest and most- influential artists around the world, and has also become the most well-known name in modern art.

The designed sources of these shoes are from Picasso paintings. Its paintings are just like their life which have full of colorful. We can see its life attitude from its paintings. When our riders wear these shoes, they can start to explore their cycling trip and experience different scenery.

Our Picasso cycling shoes have classical model with colorful contrast graffiti, refreshing the vision of riding trends. The locking system contains meathods, a  single rotating buckle, and velcro tape, which make our shoes easy to adjust and more flexible during riding. Moreover, its integrated PU upper and the vent holes of the toe make the shoes have good breathability and wear resistance. 

Santic Picasso Road Bike Shoes
Santic Honor Men's Carbon Road Bike Shoes

Honor Cycling Shoes

The polka dot jersey is a symbol of the best climber classification in the cycling matches, like The tour of France, of a rider pushing beyond their limits and of courage. So it inspires us to design it and hope more and more people to join in our riding trips with wearing our shoes, and challenge themselves. It is not only a pair of energy shoes but also has many strengths for cyclists.

The whole shoes are very lightweight which helps to transfer more pedal power and the lateral laser vents are added to the shoe body to further improve heat dissipation and make riding more comfortable.

In addition, the Dual Atops rotation button makes us easy to adjust our shoes and is also good for improving the wrapping and stability of the shoes. 

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Long March Road Cycling Shoes

Riding is a long journey. As long as you insist on it, you will successfully reach your destination. LongMarch cycling shoes have a special meaning for beginners, every long- distance riding is starting from zero, and every professional rider grows from a rookie.

Our LongMarch shoes will witness your journey of riding and accompany your growth. LongMarch cycling shoes are fit for men and females. It adopts 3- second quick-locking ratchet closure locking system, which ensures a secure hold to the feet for a beginner.

The upper is punched with electro-engraving techniques that enhance breathability and comfort during riding. Daily riding, climbing, sprinting and even amateur matches we can help you to realize when you wear it  

Santic LongMarch Road Bike Shoes

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Santic Basquiat Road Cycling Shoes

Santic Basquiat Road Shoes

Santic Picasso Road Bike Cycling Shoes

Santic Picasso Road Bike Shoes

Santic Vast Road Cycling Shoes

Santic Vast Road Shoes