Family Cycling Tourism in 2024

Taking an adventure with your loved ones and cycling worldwide is easier than it sounds. There are many opportunities to discover amazing destinations by just getting your bikes out of the garage. The article's content will detail the ultimate family cycling tours to participate in 2024.

Best family cycling tours in 2024

You can take multiple routes to create a wonderful family cycling vacation. Here are some amazing ideas to immerse yourself in the culture and, at the same time, enjoy the beauty of nature together with your kids.

1. Shikoku E-bike tour

Being one of the most popular cycling tours in the world, many tourists opt for this adventure. Shikoku is a region of four main islands in Japan that has rugged terrain with breathtaking sea views. E-bikes will help you cycle through mountains and enjoy the area's picturesque landscapes.

You can take certain days on the Shimanami Kaido between suspension bridges or take a boat to visit the other islands. There is a hilltop castle in Matsuyama where you can absorb the rich culture and learn how to prepare washi papers.

2. Cinque Terre Family Cycling Tour

If you want to explore Cinque Terre's beauty, this may be your ideal cycling tour. Five small towns in Italy along the coast of the Mediterranean are known as Cinque Terre. Explore them all by renting a car and cycling through them daily.

You can stop at one of the small restaurants to rest for lunch and take in the views of the sea and mountains from your cycling seat. Go to a pastry shop with your children to enjoy some delicious pastries.

3. The Netherlands Family Tour

This family cycling tour starts in Amsterdam and takes you through the country to its northernmost point in Groningen. The cycling route will pass by towns such as Rotterdam and Dordrecht, where you can visit museums, explore the city center, or have a break with your kids.

Doing this journey with your children will allow them to learn more about their country than ever before. Not only that, it will be an unforgettable family cycling vacation for all of you to look back upon with fond memories for years to come.

4. Danube Family Tour

Beautiful castles, historic towns, and great European sightseeing are just highlights of this family cycling tour. You will be cycling through many different countries over four weeks. There are working farms and vineyards in Austria, charming villages in Hungary, or rolling hills in Romania to explore.

You can choose a riding pace that matches your fitness level and let your children decide how they want to ride. The scenery will be a treat for all of you from beginning to end.

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5. Tauern Bike Path

The salt mines of Salzburg could be a dream come true for you and your family, but the family cycling tour can also be a great choice. The region's history is visible, especially along the bike path that is 2,200 kilometers long.

At night, you can look up at the twinkling starlit sky from your cycling seat as you cross over to Austria from Italy. You will pass through some stunning mountain passes that have been featured in films or TV series. It will be an unforgettable experience where you can ride, rest, and eat together as a family while exploring the area.

6. Girona Greenways Bike Tour

The region of Girona is known as a heaven for cyclists. It features breathtaking scenery and plenty of light at night to enjoy as you pedal on the path. From the top of one mountain, you can see the lights from Barcelona, where you can cycle down to that famous city.

There are several cities along the Greenways route where you can watch various performances or walk around with your family. Figueres has an amusement park, a great place to travel with your kids without worrying about money.

You can sit outside in a cafe enjoying the views of nature and people on scooters.

7. Porto to Lisbon Bike Tour

The coastal nature of Portugal will be a highlight of this adventure. The route starts in Porto and goes along the southern coastline until it reaches Lisbon. The route passes by the historic town of Vila Viçosa, where you can visit the museum and enjoy food and drink on your way to Lisbon.

The journey will also take you through towns like Batalha, Vagos, or Guimaraes, known for their stunning scenery. You can cycle at night and look at all the stars or float down some rivers with your kids by pedaling away at sunset.

8. Lake Garda Family Tour

Cycling around Lake Garda is a fantastic experience for everyone involved. You can opt for a few days of cycling. There are cycle paths throughout the region. There are also plenty of lakeside activities you can participate in with your family while on the tour, like visiting wineries or enjoying scenic boat rides.

Cycling is one of the best ways to spend quality time with your family, and this area will give you ample opportunity. It is important to have a bike that suits your needs when traveling as a family for long distances, particularly if taking part in bike touring holidays around Europe.

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9. Burgundy boat and bike tour

The bike tour suits families with children as you will stay close to the water. You can take the opportunity to stop in a small village where you can enjoy some traditional French cuisine.

A ferry ride across Lake Geneva towards Lausanne is a must on this route. Plenty of cycling paths will take you through the vineyards and picturesque villages in the area. The experience of exploring land and sea with your children will leave lasting impressions on their minds.

10. Limestone Coast Bike Tour

Castile and Leon's limestone coast is a region you want to visit with your family. The cycle path passes through many local sights worth experiencing because of their historical value. Some highlights include the city of Burgos, a UNESCO World Heritage site; another memorable stop will be Trujillo.

The journey through this area can take a few days, depending on how much your children want to explore. This tour is reasonable for someone new to cycling but leaves you plenty of time to relax and enjoy the family holiday with your child while on the bike tour.

11. Lake Constance Bike Path

If you want some Bavarian fun with your family, consider this path. You can visit the historical site of Lindau and see some local landmarks, such as the monasteries. You can participate in adventure sports if you like rock climbing or paragliding.

The different towns you ride through will bring out this area's family-friendly side. It is a fun ride for all ages and a memorable experience for everyone to treasure together.

12. Romania Bike Tour

Bucharest is one of the most creative cities in Europe, and apart from the history and old buildings, you can also explore the countryside. The roads are in good condition, and it is a relatively easy tour. Thanks to the many restaurants in the area, you can stop for a delicious meal anytime.

The bike path is wide enough to safely ride with your family as you enjoy the scenic beauty of this part of Europe. Romania is known for its natural wonders, so riding through it with your family will be an experience you want to return to.

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Tips for Family Cycling Tours

Here are some advice to give you an idea of what to expect during your cycling adventure.

1. Have intimate experiences

If you go on a biking holiday with your family, you must take your time but slow down to take in the beauty of the surrounding nature. Ride slowly and in silence, and if there are any stops, make them at cool spots with a view of some beautiful scenery.

2. Take photos

Carry your camera to capture all your memories on this adventure. Celebrate all the milestones you have reached together as a family while on vacation. Have fun taking pictures of each other.

3. Get the right bike

It would help to have a bike that fits your height and weight. Check out the different sizes of bikes and which ones fit you best. Also, check to see if the seats are adjustable, as some seats can only be adjusted up and down, while others can be moved forward or back to give the optimum riding position for you.

4. Get a helmet

It is especially important when cycling with children, as it is better to be safe than sorry. A good helmet will save your life in an accident. Make sure you watch out for the safety features of each one before buying one for yourself.

5. Plan your routes

Get a map and draw your routes from home. Be able to tell your route by memory and keep your path as direct as possible.

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6. Carry water

You will need to drink a lot during the day, so make sure to carry a lot with you on your bike. Also, pack some snacks with you for when you get hungry or thirsty along the way.

7. Ride with safety in mind

Take your time when riding in this area unless that is what you find exciting about it. The roads are not too challenging, but if they are impassable, find another way around them and do not take risks for no reason.

8. Make time for fun stops along the way

Plan for periodic breaks to let the kids run around and explore. Stop at parks, farms, or other interesting spots. Let the kids pick some "scenic viewpoints" to pause and enjoy the sights. Having mini adventures along the journey will make it more engaging for children.

9. Create a memorable family tradition

Do something special to commemorate your cycling tour that you'll do every time. It could be taking a fun photo in the same spot, getting ice cream at the end, or buying a souvenir. A unique family tradition will remind you of the wonderful time you shared.

10. Personalize your bikes.

Add decorative touches to make each family member's bike unique and fun. Allow the kids to pick their favorite colors and use washable paint pens, streamers, or stickers to customize their rides. Having personalized bikes will get them excited to hop on and pedal.

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1. How old do children need to be to participate in your bike tours?

Each of our tours offers different age recommendations, so please confirm the details of each tour package before booking. In any case, you should always seek the advice of a doctor before having your child ride a bike for various reasons, including their height, weight, and physical development.

2. Can I rent my bike?

You can always opt to bring your bike for these tours. Please check with our staff about the best type of bikes for each tour and ensure you have them assembled correctly for optimum comfort and efficiency on your journey.

3. What do I need to bring with me?

Please check each tour's details before your cycling adventure. Pack substantial food and drink for the journey, especially on camping tours. We also advise bringing a spare inner tube, pump, and bike tools to carry out repairs if necessary during the journey.

4. What should I wear for my biking holiday?

Wear comfortable clothing such as walking and cycling shorts, a shirt during the day, and perhaps a cycling jersey for the evenings. You will also need comfortable shoes while your bike is assembled or repaired.

5. What is the best time of year to cycle with my family?

If you are prepared for the conditions, any day is a good time to go on a cycling adventure. Most tours take place all year round, but it would be best to have your tour when it is not rainy season.

You can enjoy the sun and feel the wind in your hair without worrying about getting caught in a storm or covering up too much heat.


Family is all that you have. Take that faith leap and have a unique experience with your loved ones touring worldwide. These tours are worth experiencing and make unforgettable memories.

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