Team Santic-Wibatech- Tour 2.2 Oberösterreich Rundfahrt 

Fabian Schormair, Stefan Brandlmeier, Piotr Pekala, Pawel Szostka, Michael Peter, Jonas Sonnleitner


The start of this beautiful tour, not far from our team headquarters in Passau, began with a short, rainy prologue in Linz. Fabian Schormair was the best rider of the day in 32nd place, one second behind Pawel Szostka.

"At the end it dried up a bit, so it went a bit better. Our first riders were a bit unlucky", Schormair explained after the race.

Stage 1

The first stage started in sunshine and led our riders over undulating terrain to a flat finale to Ranshofen.

We were able to place Stefan Brandlmeier in the group of the day. At the mountain prizes Brandlmeier was active in the three-man group and ranked second in the special classification.

"Stefan was able to implement our intention with the group wonderfully. Unfortunately it didn't quite work out with the mountain jersey", Fabian Schormair said. Piotr Pekala and Pawel Szostka finished in 41st and 50th place in the peloton.

Stage 2

On the third day of the Tour it became clear how strong this race was. "It was a very difficult day. We tried to get Stefan Brandlmeier into the group like yesterday to collect points for the mountain classification. But then it was a strange constellation that two Rad-Net riders left and then it quickly became quiet and wide and Stefan was not allowed to leave", explained team rider Fabian Schormair.

After the issue of the group had been settled, there was hope for a long time that we would at least be able to achieve a good result for the day. "But since our two Polish riders Pawel Szostka and Piotr Pekala also dropped back on the last long mountain, unfortunately there was no result for us today," said Schormair. Pawel Szostka, who came in 60th, was the best rider from our team.

Stage 3

On the last day of the Oberosterreich Rundfahrt we could once again show ourselves in the breakaway group, which was able to break away right at the beginning of the race. "We came quite far, but after my illness last week I was not feeling well and had to let go 30 kilometres before the finish", Fabian Schormair reported after being part of the breakaway group.

After that, Pekala tried to get back to the leading group and was briefly supported by Fabian Schormair. Unfortunately, the high speed of the peloton behind did not allow him to succeed. In the final climb to the Höss, Piotr did well despite the breakaway attempt and finished 29th in the day's classification.