The 10 Best Gravel Bikes Under $2000 in 2024

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MWith $2000, you can buy a lot of things in 2024. It can get you a jet-black satin gown that'll make heads turn at the awards show or afford more than just the essentials for your brand new baby. But if you've been recently considering the purchase of an expensive bike and don't want to break the bank, it might be worth taking a look at our list of 10 great gravel bikes under $2000.

This article compares bikes for commuters, racers, and touring bikers to help get your mind off those pesky price tags. Our list aims to provide a cost-effective solution for all cyclists, and even if you're not looking to buy something new, this article will provide a helpful list of bikes that fall into the category of 'cheap,' as well.

10 Best Gravel Bikes Under $2000 in 2024 

These gravel bikes have graced our list of top 10 contenders for the best bike under $2000, and we believe they would make an excellent investment for cyclists looking to take their cycling game to the next level.

1.Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike 26-inch

The Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike is a solid choice for a first mountain bike or a new rider. It features 21 speeds with Shimano chain-shifters and derailleurs, an alloy crank, an alloy v-brake, a front disc brake, and alloy wheels. The size of the bike is adjustable to fit riders between 5'6" and 6'3". This bike is lightweight at just 42 lbs and has both front suspension forks and rigid forks available. The Huffy Hardtail mountain bike will do any beginner mountain biker justice.

Features & Benefits:
Shimano TZ-31:
This 21-Speed 6-speed cassette lets the rider shift up or down quickly. Aluminum alloy wheels: This mountain bike uses robust aluminum alloy wheels that do not rust and are lightweight.
Rear Disc Brake: The rear disc brake keeps the rider safe from being thrown from the mountain bike in case of dirt or gravel on the road. 
Upright Handlebars: This helps a new person get used to riding a bike, as in most cases, it is easier to ride with an upright handlebar. 
Fork Suspension: Apart from providing comfort for the rider, the suspension forks make for smooth rides on uneven roads and paths.

Reasons to buy
● Rack and fender: The mounts help attach gear to the bike.
● Fenders: These fenders help the rider clean when riding in rainy weather.
● Shimano 3-speed rear derailleur: The Shimano makes shifting between gears easy and allows the rider to choose between 3 different speeds on the rear axle.
● No need for a manual. It has a straightforward procedure to get the components together.

Reasons to avoid
● The bike might have a weak gear system.
● Front forks squeak and make noise while changing gears or ridden on rocky roads. 
● There are no shock absorbers on wheels, which could make this bike not as comfortable as it appears to be.

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2. Mongoose Dolomite Men's Fat Tire Mountain Bike

The Mongoose Dolomite Mountain Bike is among our best choices for the best starter mountain bike. This bike comes in 4 different sizes to fit the needs of people, with a decent weight capacity of 250 lbs. The Dolomite features an aluminum alloy front disc brake and a mechanical disk rear brake. It has three bands on the front disk and two on the back, making this bike ideal for rough terrain and flat surfaces. 

Features & Benefits
Threadless headsets:
Riders with varying heights can easily find a bike with a threadless headset to fit their size without having to go through any hassle or problems.
3-Speed freewheel: This freewheel hub helps provide flexibility when grinding hills or on rougher terrain. 
Rear derailleur: The Mongoose Dolomite bike has 7-speeds making it to ride through hills. The twist shifter gives you an easy time alternate gears in your rides.

Reasons to buy
● Easy to assemble parts after purchase. 
● It is suitable for people varying from 5'6'' to 6' tall.
● It is a comfortable bike to move around with. 
● The bike is an appealing product to heavy-weight individuals who shed some pounds.

Reasons to avoid
It might be bulky.

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3. Kent Gzr700 Road Bike

The Kent Gzr700 is a fun and easy-to-ride road bike. This bike has a few valuable features: a lightweight aluminum frame, full-coverage fenders, simple and easy to assemble parts, and a durable rubberized base that needs no pre-wetting. It can also be ridden by up to 300 lbs. with up to 21 speeds, making it suitable for riders of different heights and weights.

Features & Benefits
Lightweight aluminum frame:
The lightweight aluminum frame makes the Kent Gzr700 bike an easy choice for people of different heights. The wheels are adjustable from 50 to 63 cm, which means that the rider only has to adjust the size of their saddle once and get used to riding new bikes.
High tensile steel frame: The frame is strong enough to hold up to 300 lbs.
Reinforced steel fork: The reinforced steel fork combined with the alloy rims make this bike excellent for rough terrain. It also has a kickstand for convenient parking and an adjustable seat for people of different heights.

Reasons to buy
● It is sturdy, comfortable, and easy to assemble. 
● The bike has features that make it easy for people having various heights to ride the same cycle. 
● The frame is lightweight, making it easy to carry and store in small spaces after use. 
● It is an ideal recreation and commutes bike.

Reasons to avoid
The bike might produce noise while changing gears.

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4. Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike

The trail bike by Schwinn is a good choice for beginners because of its easy assemble parts and suspension system. It has a full tubeless frame with an aluminum frame, making this bike solid and sturdy. 

The seat is adjustable so that riders of different heights can find a bike that fits them perfectly. This bike is also compatible with kids and adults having different weights and sizes.

Features & Benefits
Tubeless frame: This is one of the reasons why people love buying this mountain bike; this makes it robust, light and durable at the same time.
Alloy crank: The alloy crank combined with the frame makes this bike easy to ride, and it is strong enough to hold the bike weight of up to 250 lbs. 
Disc brakes: The bike has disc brakes to keep you safe while riding in rugged terrain.

Reasons to buy
● This mountain bike is easy to assemble. 
● The tubeless frame is easy to clean and maintain as there are no broken tubes inside. 
● Adults and kids of different weights, heights, builds, and sizes can ride the bike.
● The decent bike is worth the price.

Reasons to avoid
The chain might fall off the gear after more extended use.

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5. Takara Oni Single Speed Road Bike

The drop-bar bike is suitable for people looking for a sturdy, affordable road bike. The Takara Oni has a steel frame with two color choices, which you can use on city roads or rough terrain. This bike also features an alloy caliper rim and crank, which makes it light and durable at the same time. It can support up to 275 lbs.

Features & Benefits
Drop bar:
The drop-bar is a valuable feature as it makes the bike suitable for different people on different terrains. 
Drop bar: The drop-bar is a valuable feature as it makes the bike suitable for different people on different terrains. 
700c x 28mm Tires: The 700c tires offer added grip and traction.

Reasons to buy
● This bike is reasonably priced, which means that people can have real value for money.
● The drop-bar mountain bike is easy to assemble and use, and it offers a smooth ride.
 ● The Shimano rear derailleur allows riders to change the gears without worrying about the function of levers.

Reasons to avoid
The chainring might be tiny. You might need to upgrade.

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6. Royce Union Gravel Bike

There is no terrain that the bike can't handle. The Royce Union gravel bike is used on dirt roads, gravel roads, and even chip-seal roads and has several gears for different terrain. Since it has everything you need for an ideal ride, it is easy to assemble, perfect for people on the go and comes with a water bottle cage perfectly placed to hold your drink when riding. 

The double cranks make this bike lighter than other bikes with similar specs, allowing riders of various weights to use this bike comfortably from 300 lbs.

Features & Benefits
Robust aluminum frame:
The feature ascertains proper handling and tackles to beat rough turns and steep terrains. 
Shimano EZ Fire Trigger: It makes this bike a workhorse. It gives the rider the option to change gears.
Shimano Claris rear derailleur: The bike grants you 16 speeds to enjoy your favorite riding style. 

Reasons to buy
● The mountain bike with a wide range of gears, perfect for use on any terrain, and it is lightweight, which means that it will be easy to store after use.
● It is easy to use and comes with a simple set of parts; the rear derailleur, shifter, and pedals all make changing gears easy.
● The bike requires no pre-wetting before riding it, as you can add water.
● It is easy to set up.

Reasons to avoid
Tires might rub your feet during pedals.

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7. Tires might rub your feet during pedals.

Every component on this bike has a design to offer high-quality performance. The Tommaso Siena gravel bike has a steel frame with a reinforced bearing, which means that it is tough enough to handle extreme riding. It also has a front rack, making it easy to carry saddlebags and other things when the ride becomes more challenging. 

It boasts of a wide range of gears so that riders can find the right combination for their use, and they have a hand brake so that you can have control even at high speeds without stalling the bike.

Features & Benefits
26"x 1 3/8" front wheels:
The front wheel is durable, lightweight, and robust as its 26" size allows it to carry heavy loads into different terrains within seconds.
Sturdy frame: The bike has a muscular structure of aluminum material and a 27.5-inch wheel size. Avid BB5 disc brakes: You can easily tune your brakes to maximum satisfaction. 
Outstanding performance and speed: The bike has a 12x28T Tourney cassette. It can take you from flat grounds to hilly terrains.

Reasons to buy
● Perfect grim and control due to its handlebars and suitable geometry.
● It has highly durable and versatile making it an excellent option for gravel bikes.
● The bike has incredible features that fit all weather conditions.

Reasons to avoid
The bike has incredible features that fit all weather conditions.

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8. Schwinn Sporterra Adventure Bike

If you like fast riding, then this is the choice for you. The Schwinn Sporterra adventure bike allows you to move in speed in varying terrains. The 14-speed bike has a 700-c wheel that accommodates 5’4” to 6’2” tall riders. 

Features & Benefits
Schwinn aluminum frame:
It is lightweight and easy to carry on any terrain.
50/34 Semi-Compact Crank: The crank allows you to get enough gear options for use.
12-30T 7-Speed Cassette: The cassette has a range of options to adjust your speed as needed in different terrains.
Dual Promax Disc Brakes: The brake pads help you stop immediately at any time for both the front and rear tires.

Reasons to buy
● The bike offers a smooth ride and gear shifting.
● It has appealing thicker tires.
● The option has an increased value for your money.

Reasons to avoid
The aluminum frame might be lighter than a steel one.

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9. Giordano Trieste Gravel Bike

The sturdy bike has a lightweight chromyl steel frame and has a geometry for the highest performance. The Giordano Trieste gravel bike comes with a Shimano index 16-speed drive, allowing you to change speeds as needed in different terrains. 

Features & Benefits
Shimano Tourney rear derailleur:
It makes shifting more accessible and faster, helping you quickly and easily change gears. 
Avid Mechanical Disc Brakes: The disc brakes allow you to stop whenever there is a need for that. 
Lightweight and comfortable saddle: The saddle offers maximum comfort when riding on rough terrains.

Reasons to buy
● The bike has a high-quality design that makes it last longer.
● Due to its lightweight, you can control yourself effectively on terrains.
● The all-weather bike is more useful in most terrain environments.

Reasons to avoid
You might have to look for spare parts upon purchase.

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10. Vilano Gravel Bike

The 29-inch wheels will help you ride easily across different terrains, and the steel frame will support you when things get rough. The Vilano gravel bike has a 14-speed system to change gears in diverse landscapes.

Features & Benefits
Brake lever:
The brakes allow convenient shifting in gravel trails.
KMC chain: The alloy chain makes it easy for you to replace it with any other chain without a problem. 
Campagnolo Ultra-Torque Cranks: The cranks make the bike unique and more accessible than ever.

Reasons to buy
● You can take the bike to different terrains, including the streets.
● The brakes assist you with smooth operations.
● The bike has a rigid suspension system with increased performance.

Reasons to avoid
It requires assembly and tuning of the different parts.

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Gravel bikes do not have to be costly. However, they come in different types that are fun to use and ride on. The bikes offer the best performance at an affordable price and increased value for your money. The above section has laid out the top ten options. Please go through it and have your best pick.

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