The best Christmas Cycling Gifts Buying Guide 2024

With Christmas nearly here, there's still an opportunity to purchase high-quality gifts. What's wonderful about selecting a present for a cyclist is the diverse array of options available for this holiday season.

Ranging from practical to decorative or luxurious items, you have the chance to display thoughtfulness and creativity in your gift selection. If you're in need of ideas for what to get for the cyclist in your life this Christmas, you're in the perfect spot.

Here are the best cycling gear gifts for your friend.

1. Santic AD Men's Cycling Suit

This cycling jersey includes silicone leg grippers that delicately adhere to the skin, effectively preventing rolling up as muscles flex during bicycle rides. Additionally, the 3D padded shorts offer hip protection. These shorts feature padding on the hip area, reducing friction between the hip and bike seat during prolonged rides. Furthermore, they cushion impacts on the hip when cycling on uneven terrain. Together, this cycling jersey and bib shorts make for ideal cycling attire for riders.

Santic AD Men's Cycling Suit

2. Raptic Link + Lock

The Raptic Link + Lock, a durable polycarbonate combination-lock carabiner, provides a secure way to fasten an Apple AirTag, a top-notch Bluetooth tracker, to any significant item your recipient wishes to monitor, whether it's a bike, suitcase, or car. Simply place an AirTag inside the protective case and secure the carabiner lock around the object to be tracked. Despite its larger appearance—measuring about 4 inches and weighing 4 ounces—it's not impervious to bolt cutters if someone is determined to remove it. However, it's important to note that in this scenario, the focus is on tracking rather than locking. Concealing it underneath the seat might be the most discreet and secure location.

Raptic Link + Lock

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3. Road Runner Bags California Burrito

If your beloved cyclist hasn't yet invested in a handlebar bag, it might be a deliberate choice as some prefer to avoid the added bulk. However, if they're open to it, the Road Runner Bags California Burrito makes for an excellent choice. This nylon cylinder secures onto the handlebars using adjustable straps, allowing your recipient to adjust its placement according to other accessories, like a bell, that they might have mounted. Additionally, it features side pockets for convenient access to smaller items they may need on the go.

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4. Santic Bocha Men's Winter Down Jacket

The Santic Bocha Men's Winter Down Jacket offers a unique blend of features: it's both waterproof and well-ventilated. Available in an extensive size range from women’s S to 3XL and men’s S to 3XL, its fit is more relaxed compared to many cycling outfits. Equipped with a high-quality down insulation, the down jacket serves as an effective climate control system. This mesh facilitates airflow by creating a buffer between your skin or shirt and the outer layer of the jacket. Crafted from high-quality materials, it's designed to offer comfort while effectively shielding against weather conditions. In night, reflective decoration enhances visibility in low-light conditions.

Santic Bocha Men's Winter Down Jacket

5. Timber Quick Release Mountain Bike Bell Model Yew

For your preferred mountain biker who frequents dimly lit singletracks or densely wooded trails, this bell can earn them favor with hikers, horseback riders, and fellow cyclists. Unlike a standard bike bell that requires intentional ringing, the Timber Quick Release Model Yew functions akin to a cowbell, chiming continuously as you ride. Its clapper can be silenced effortlessly with a flick of a thumb for open terrains where constant ringing might become unnecessary or even bothersome. This quick-release variant offers easy transferability from one bike to another.

Timber Quick Release Mountain Bike Bell Model Yew

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6. Freehub Magazine One-Year Print Subscription

Whether your beloved mountain biker seeks inspiration for their next adventure or simply desires material for armchair exploration, Freehub is the answer. Each edition of this glossy quarterly magazine, printed on rich, vividly colored paper, showcases renowned and lesser-known singletrack destinations across the globe. Recent releases have spotlighted various topics, including an all-women bikepacking journey through the Ozarks, the top trails in Oakridge, Oregon—a former timber town—and Arizona’s inaugural Rezduro Invitation, the Navajo Nation’s first-ever enduro race. In an age where cycling media is increasingly consolidated, the magazine’s independent voice and atmosphere offer a refreshing change.

Freehub Magazine One-Year Print Subscription

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7. Salzmann Spoke Reflectors

Your commuting cyclist probably prioritizes safety with a helmet, yet enhancing visibility with reflective bike spokes can further elevate their safety during urban rides. Crafted from reflective Scotchlite material, the Salzmann Spoke Reflectors offer easy snap-on installation. Their 360° reflective design significantly boosts visibility during nighttime journeys or in low-light environments. Measuring 2.7 inches in length, these reflectors are available in packs of 72 pieces.

Salzmann Spoke Reflectors

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8. Garmin Varia RTL515

For the solo cyclist navigating bustling roads, the Garmin Varia RTL515 offers a valuable peace of mind. This taillight employs radar technology to alert riders about approaching vehicles from behind. It uses radar detection to identify vehicles and showcases an orange dot on the rider’s Garmin bike computer screen, indicating the proximity of the approaching car. Additionally, it emits an audible warning as soon as a vehicle is detected. When paired with a compatible smartphone, Varia radar seamlessly integrates with third-party apps like Ride with GPS, enhancing your maps with rearview radar alerts.

Garmin Varia RTL515

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9. iGPSPORT iGS630 Bike Computer

The bike GPS computer boasts a built-in global offline map and is compatible with GPS, Beidou, GLONASS, GALILEO, and QZSS satellite signals. Once you input your destination, it offers precise navigation regardless of your location—whether you're in a forest, desert, mountains, or a city center. Based on your destination input, these cycling computers can intelligently chart a route with turn-by-turn directions.

Additionally, they recalibrate route planning reminders if you veer off course, guiding you back to the starting point. This bike GPS device supports Bluetooth 5.0 and ANT+ dual-mode protocols, ensuring rapid and stable connectivity with 99% of sensors and electronic devices available on the market.

iGPSPORT iGS630 Bike Computer

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10. Santic Kala Winter Mitts

When temperatures plummet, fair-weather cyclists tend to seek solace in their Peloton-equipped spaces, spinning away until the arrival of spring. Conversely, there are cyclists who brave the elements—rain, slush, snow, and wind—to continue riding outdoors. If your loved one belongs to the latter group, they might appreciate a pair of Santic Kala Winter Mitts: waterproof, windproof, and keep warm. Regular winter gloves fall short against the biting cold wind during constant rides; however, these Santic Kala Winter Mitts feature liners embedded with warm fleece fabric. They effectively kept a cyclist's hands warm while biking in temperatures as low as the low 2s

Santic Kala Winter Mitts

11. SILCA MATTONE | Bike Bag

The Silca Mattone bicycle seat bag sports a sleek black design with reflective graphics, offering a low-profile appearance under the saddle. Despite its subtle look, the bag features a reflective SILCA shield for high visibility in low-light conditions when illuminated by headlights. This saddle bag stands out with its hi-contrast red material and a distinct flap designated for IDs, credit cards, or cash, ensuring safety by covering any pointed or sharp-edged pro bike tools or accessories. It maximizes volume with elastic walls that adjust to accommodate the contents securely.


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12. Cycplus Portable Electric Air Compressor

The CYCPLUS tire compressor is equipped with a 2*2600mAh built-in rechargeable battery and a Type-C charger cord, supporting QC 3.0 fast charging. With just one full charge, it can inflate 3 car tires, 12 bike tires, or 40 basketballs. It takes a mere 3 minutes to fully pump up a flat bicycle tire and approximately 8-12 minutes for a 205/55R17 automotive tire.

This electric air compressor features a metal casing for a more refined feel, reduced noise, enhanced grip, and improved heat dissipation. Despite its portable mini size, the Cycplus A8 can conveniently fit into their car's glove box or backpack, saving valuable space typically occupied by luggage or snacks.

Cycplus Portable Electric Air Compressor

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13. Vibrelli Bike Floor Pump

The Vibrelli bike pump with gauge is meticulously constructed and verified for precision in high-pressure scenarios. Its bicycle pump pressure gauge stands out for its size, accuracy, and effortless readability. Engineered with a robust steel barrel and a reinforced handle, this pump is rigorously tested to ensure accuracy even at high pressures, making it an ideal choice for road bikes.

Additionally, it comes with an Emergency Glueless Puncture Kit, ensuring you won't be stranded on the road or trail with a flat tire. The pump also includes a ball inflation needle and valve for inflating various sports equipment and pool toys, offering versatility beyond just bicycle tires.

Vibrelli Bike Floor Pump

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14. Ravemen FR160 Auxiliary Light

The Ravemen FR160 Auxiliary Light is equipped with a specifically designed wide-angle lens, effectively broadening your side visibility while navigating crossroads and roundabouts, thereby enhancing the likelihood of being noticed by pedestrians and vehicles. With its distinctive flashing pattern, this backup bicycle light's eye-catching warning mode significantly improves your visibility during rides.

Offering 3 steady modes and 3 flash modes tailored for various riding scenarios, it delivers a maximum of 160 Lumens, primarily intended to amplify visibility. It can also function as a supplementary backup light when used alongside higher lumen bike lights, such as the RAVEMEN PR series, CR series, and LR series. However, it is not recommended for use as your primary cycling light.

Ravemen FR160 Auxiliary Light

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15. Nantucket Bicycle Basket Co. Lightship Classic

Crafted from intricately woven rattan cane, sourced from the outer layer of the natural rattan vine, this basket is designed to attach to handlebars using two adjustable leather straps and fits most adult bicycles. A homage to the Nantucket Lightship baskets originating from the whaling era in 1800s Nantucket, this basket serves as an ideal accessory for your rider.

Nantucket Bicycle Basket Co. Lightship Classic

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How to Choose Cycling Gear Christmas Gifts

As you contemplate what essentials to select for your rider, it's crucial to prioritize their safety. Here's a guide to assist you in choosing the right gifts:

● Select accessories that prioritize their safety: A helmet stands as one of a cyclist's crucial gears, offering vital head protection in case of accidents, minimizing potential injuries. When choosing one for your friend, refer to the size chart to ensure a proper fit; an ill-fitting helmet compromises its effectiveness. Opt for vibrant colors like neon, green, or orange for increased visibility from a distance.

Attire: Opt for a reflective jacket to ensure visibility for motorists, aiding easy spotting during various times of the day: dawn, dusk, night, and rainy conditions. A variety of specialized cyclist clothing is available, and while not every jersey may be necessary, consider bike shirts equipped with pouches for phones and essentials. Prioritize breathable materials in clothing, including lycra shorts and gloves to prevent palm sweating.

● Lighting: Lighting is crucial for evening or nighttime cycling. Front and rear lights, or at least one of them, should be used. These lights ensure visibility to others and illuminate the cyclist's path, providing awareness of what lies ahead.

● Bike Racks: When transporting bikes in a car, bike racks prove highly convenient. Bicycles can occupy substantial space and potentially soil car seats. Investing in a quality car rack is advisable for hassle-free transportation of their cycles.

Water Bottle Holders: A water bottle holder stands among the most convenient accessories. Cyclists, especially during extended rides, might consider fitting additional holders for a second or third bottle. Staying hydrated is essential during cycling.

● Bike Pumps: Prior to buying a bicycle pump, it's important to ascertain the valve type on the bike tires to ensure compatibility. When inflating tires, it's vital to account for the pressure range indicated on the tire's sidewall. Alternatively, consult your bike shop for the correct tire pressure guidance.

● Bike Locks: If they've invested significantly in their bike, a good-quality bike lock becomes essential. Naturally, the pricier locks also offer the highest level of security and are nearly impenetrable. Therefore, investing in a top-notch lock prompts the need to safeguard the key to avoid any misplacement.

● Bike Mirrors: For individuals commuting by bike, navigating through traffic frequently, or covering long distances, considering a mirror might be beneficial to observe vehicles behind them. Easily attachable to handlebars, glasses, or helmets, these mirrors provide enhanced visibility for cyclists.

Final Thoughts

Ensuring your rider has these essential accessories will not only elevate their cycling experience but also prioritize their safety on the road. So, buy them the right cycling gifts to enhance their biking experiences during this festive season.

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