Repurchase Benefits

Santic brand is committed to good quality, only to reach a permanent transaction with you, not just a one-time transaction. At the same time, we hope to share the pleasure and health brought by riding with you!In the process of every shopping, we hope that the feedback from you will make us better and better. We will put quality first, and your needs are also our concern. Let's work together to create a better future!

In order to thank the customers for their support again, we have decided to give customers corresponding discount feedback, as follows:

Times OFF
First purchase -
Second purchase 14%
3rd purchase 18%
4th purchase 21%
5th purchase 22%
6th purchase 25%
7th purchase 26%
8th purchase 27%(Toplimit)


  • This re purchase benefit is only valid for those who place orders on the website:;
  • The amount of each payment shall not be less than US $50;
  • The discount code will be sent to your email on the 30th day after you place the order;