The Best Cycling Tours & Vacations 2024 for USA

If you are a cycling enthusiast, you can spice up your life by exploring the always-exciting USA. Get to know the plethora of wonderful destinations, from sunny Southern California to chilly Minnesota and all points in between.

Fly by the seat of your bike saddle through rocky coastlines and pine tree forests. Soak up the beauty of beaches and dunes as you pedal with a salty breeze in your hair.

The USA offers some amazing cycling experiences for beginner, intermediate and advanced cyclists alike, so don't let another day go by without venturing into this gracious land.

Let us find the best cycling tours and vacations in 2024 for the USA.

Top cycling tours and vacations 2024 for USA

The best cycling tours in the US are often ones that combine natural beauty with cultural influences that can only be found here.

1. New England Cycle Touring
Cycle New England is a collection of long-distance cycling routes in New England, totalling over 1,500 miles. The region has over 6,000 miles of riding to explore. Climbing Long's Peak or the highest pass on the Appalachian Trail are just some possible goals on this cycling holiday adventure.

Ride along historic bike paths in southern Connecticut or follow rolling hills through Vermont, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Discover picturesque villages and visit riverbanks, where you can dip after your bike ride into town.

2. C & O Canal National Historic Trail
Ride along the C & O National Historic Trail, an American treasure of a cycling trail that showcases the glory days of American Canals. You can immerse yourself in and enjoy this Mississippi River journey while discovering hundreds of historical sites and quaint villages.

The US Army Corps of Engineers established this route to transport coal from Pittsburgh to Washington, DC, over roughly 60 miles. During the period, the canal was considered necessary, and many cities had railroads and canals to transport goods.

Today, you can explore this route by bicycle to see what life was like back then while learning about American history.

3. Canyon Rim to Rim By Bicycle Tour
The Grand Canyon Rim to Rim By Bicycle Tour is one of North America's most beautiful cycling routes. It takes approximately 8-10 days to complete, and you will get a good sense of the history and ecology of this area.

Rim to Rim is a well-organized trip sure to please every cyclist. The route features a variety of terrain, from desert riding to lush green highlands. You'll learn about plant and animal life, see some old fort ruins, and even some aboriginal rock art along the way.

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4. Pacific Crest Trail
The trail covers 2,650 miles of scenic coastline in Oregon and California. The PCT is one of the most popular cycling routes in America, as it has been designated as a National Scenic Trail and has many sections included in the National Landscape and Parks System.

Not only can you enjoy the scenery along this route, such as glaciers, temperate rain forests, and alpine meadows. You can also explore towns such as Portland, Bend or just about any small town you might want to visit along this trail.

If you look up a PCT bike route guide online, you will find several options leading up to different places.

5. Day Great Allegheny Passage
Beginner or intermediate cyclists can get to enjoy this trail that runs from Pittsburgh to Cumberland, MD. It is an ideal location for a cycling adventure, as there is lots of scenery through the 70-mile passage through Pennsylvania and Maryland.

This trail runs north and south, passing by numerous towns and cities on the way. You can experience nice views of rivers, canals, and streams along fairly flat terrain. Feature tours include river rafting in the Monongahela National Forest or even some whitewater kayaking with the help of a local outfitter.

6. Washington Olympic Discovery Trail
The non-motorized route, also known as the Seattle to Portland Bicycle Route, only spans around 500 miles. The route is a great way to experience the mountains of Washington State and learn about the places around you.

You can follow the Olympic National Forest along with old logging roads, paved bike paths and even the newer Burke-Gilman Trail when you want to add more excitement to your trip. There are several hotels along this route where you can overnight when you need a place to stay.

This trail is a great way for mountain bikers, hikers, cross-country skiers or anyone looking for some new adventures in the Pacific Northwest area of America.

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7. Southern Shenandoah tour
The southwest Virginia area has beautiful scenery; part of it has been transformed into the Virginia Creeper Trail. The trail runs for approximately 25 miles from Abingdon to Damascus, and it is a great option for people who want to visit the area.

This cycling adventure will allow you to pass by farmland dotted with beautiful homes on your way to the Blue Ridge Parkway. You can also choose an even more challenging route by traveling down the famed Pig Trail. Instead, that is a rocky stretch of roads.

More options include riding along the Appalachian Trail and the leafy back roads of rural Virginia areas. Many bed and breakfasts located along this trail are quite welcoming to cyclists traveling through this region.

8. New Mexico Cycling Santa Fe Hub & Spoke
Well, known for its scenic beauty, the state of New Mexico has a total of over 100 miles of bike trails. It is the ideal location for a cycling adventure to enjoy the variety of your riding experiences.

This hub and spoke tour allows you to experience many different places in New Mexico as you meander down roadways that pass by historic rock churches, farms, and even Native American ruins. Learn about the area's history while biking along this route, then stop in at some local restaurants and cafes in small towns.

9. Cycle Amish Country Bike Tour
Who said ancient living styles and traditional values cannot be enjoyed modernly? The tour is an ideal way to see the Amish lifestyle up close.

It takes you through the beautiful countryside and is a great introduction to the peaceful ways of living that predominates this area. You will learn all about various aspects of Amish life, as well as experience, stops at various B&Bs along the way. If you are into horses, you will see carriages and buggy rides that are fun to visit.

10. Hawaii - Big Island Bike Tour
The adventure that begins and terminates in Waikoloa is a great way to see parts of the Chain Island Highway in Hawaii, especially if you are looking for a challenging bike trail through this tropical paradise. The landscape is stunning beyond words, and you can get to view all different types of habitats on your way. These include rainforests, coral reefs, and rocky beaches.

While biking, you stop at various beaches and ocean views. You can also stop by geothermal pools located at various points along the trip and admire some of the surrounding ocean reefs while riding along this trail.

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11. Mount Rushmore & Black Hills adventure
The tour includes biking through South Dakota and is a great way to see some of the most popular landmarks in this mountain region. You will also get to enjoy the beautiful countryside along the way.

The trip starts with a ride on bike trails in the Black Hills, an excellent way to start learning about one of America's most famous national parks.

The route is ideal for those looking for plenty of riding options and wanting to get away from heavily populated areas.

12. Great Lakes Circle Tour
The trip takes you around the Great Lakes Subregion, which makes up a total of 6 states. You will see so much wildlife and enjoy beautiful coastline views as you wind your way through the lakes region.

The route is a great way to get to see some amazing wildlife, including bald eagles or waterfowl, along the way. If you time your trip right, you can even catch sight of a few whales in this area as well.

13. Yellowstone & Grand Teton Adventure
The route in Wyoming and Montana allows you to explore the national parks around that area.

The tour is a great way to get off the beaten path when you want an outdoor adventure. The scenery is stunning, and it's a perfect way to start your travels in this part of the country. You can enjoy biking or hiking through parks filled with wildlife and beautiful views of surrounding areas.

14. Michigan Islands, Trails & Dunes
The shimmering coastline along the Great Lakes has transformed into a bike trail ideal for biking.

The tour starts in Traverse City and continues to Mackinaw City before going on to the other three featured areas: Cheboygan, Mackinac Island, and St. Ignace. The route also passes several other communities, such as Ludington, Harbor Springs, Mackinaw City, Cheboygan, Manistee and Ludington.

15. The American Alps Bike Tour
The tour takes you through the rugged, scenic mountains of Montana, Idaho and Colorado. It is a challenging bike trail and covers a total of 172 miles.

Biking in these beautiful areas is an unforgettable experience that will make you want to return for more in the future. The valley or river views are incredible, and you can ride along some of the most scenic parts of this area, such as Craters of the Moon National Monument or Devil's Tower National Monument.

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1.Which is the ultimate cycling destination in the US?

There's no clear answer to that question, but one thing is for sure, the options are many, and every region of the country has something unique. You just have to explore and figure out which bike trails match your interests and preferences.

Remember that there are so many great trails for biking out there. You can always return to another area in the future if you're not satisfied with what you found.

2.Can I bring my bike on these cycling tours, or are rental bikes available?

Most cycling tours and vacations in the USA offer the option to bring your bike, but many also provide rental bikes for participants. It's a good idea to check with the tour organizers beforehand to ensure they have available rental bikes.

3.Are these cycling tours suitable for families with young children?

The suitability of these cycling tours for families with young children can vary depending on the specific route and difficulty level. Some tours, like the Great Allegheny Passage, offer relatively flat terrain and are suitable for families with kids. However, other tours, such as the American Alps Bike Tour, might be more challenging and better suited for experienced cyclists.

4.Are there any support vehicles or guides available during the cycling tours?

Many organized cycling tours in the USA provide support vehicles or guides to assist participants during their journey. Support vehicles can carry your luggage and provide help in case of emergencies or fatigue. Guides can offer valuable insights about the area, history, and local attractions along the route.

5.What is the best time of year to embark on these cycling tours?

The best time to take these cycling tours depends on the region and its climate. Some tours, like the New England Cycle Touring, are more enjoyable when the foliage colours are vibrant during the fall.

On the other hand, tours in southern states might be more pleasant during the cooler months of spring or fall. Researching the specific tour and destination is advisable to choose the ideal time for your cycling adventure.

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Embarking on a cycling tour or vacation in the USA is a fantastic way to combine a passion for cycling with exploring breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural experiences. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced cyclist, the diverse trails and routes offer something for everyone.

From the American Alps' rugged mountains to the Great Lakes' serene shores, these cycling adventures will mark unforgettable memories and a deeper appreciation for the beauty of this gracious land. So, grab your bike, pack your enthusiasm, and get ready to pedal through the wonders of the USA.


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