Cycling is a lifestyle, fun, healthy, and you can see the outside world from a new perspective. In this blog, we hope can share lots of cycling stories with cycling enthusiasts and also encourage more people to join in cycling groups to enjoy cycling for freedom !

Alexandra Jiménez - Costa Rica 

Educare University

“I love the bike because it makes me feel free, is a perfectly healthy way to relax”

When you looked at her picture, it’s hard to imagine that Alexandra is a 36 years old mother of two kids. She seems energized but has a vibe of a cool girl. 

Alexandra starts cycling when she is a little girl. You will not be surprised to know that mountain biking is her favorite sport. Maybe that’s the reason why she has a cool spirit. Luckily, she grew out of a family to encourage to continue her mountain bike journey, while many parents think it’s too rough for a girl.  

The life of Alexandra is not all about cycling. In her spare time, she loves singing, photography, painting, and drawing . Also, one new hobby was missed. Road Cycling. Three years ago, she changed to road cycling.

With so many things to do, she doesn’t stop pedaling. She rides her bike 3 to 4 days a week, sometimes more. She even participated in several cycling events, not the professional kind though. One good news for her, as we are told, Alexandra will be the ambassador of a very big competition named “El Gran Fondo de Andrey Amador” this February 13th. 

When we ask,” What does the bike change you?”
She replied,” I love the bike because it makes me feel free, is a perfectly healthy way to relax, to leave stress behind, is a great machine that moves the body and the soul, I feel complete.” That’s the cost you will suffer when you fall in love with the bike. A sweet and healthy cost.

Educare University
Educare University
Educare University