Top 11 Indoor Cycling Apps in 2024

MCycling does not have to happen outside in the snow. Whether you are a beginner or looking for an alternative to outdoor rides, these top 11 indoor cycling apps can help. They will get you away from the cold while building real strength and endurance—without ever leaving your living room.

Reasons to Ride Indoors

Indoor cycling comes with plenty of perks than typical outdoor cycling. For example, you can ride indoors in the comfort of your own home. It doesn't matter whether you have a big space or not. There are plenty of indoor cycling apps available that are both free and paid. Here is why you might need to consider swapping your typical outdoor rides for indoor cycling: 

★ You can continue riding even in bad weather. Nothing is worse than waking up one morning to snow or rain, and you have to cancel your ride. You can make it happen inside where the weather does not matter.

★ You can lessen injuries from outdoor cycling by performing indoor cycling because you are always in control of the bike and its resistance level. It is also much safer for beginners to learn about their bikes indoors than on a busy roadway.

★ You do not need special equipment outside of a good quality indoor bike, which means you can save money on gym fees, clothing, and expensive outdoor bikes. 

★ You will be able to ride outdoors when you are older and need to scale back due to health issues.

★ Indoor cycling provides a much more intensive workout. You will experience the same elevation changes, if not more, as outdoors. It can help improve your overall cardiovascular health when compared with traditional outdoor cycling.

The best indoor cycling apps

There is no shortage of indoor cycling apps for various riders. 

Whether you are a beginner trying to learn how to ride or an intermediate rider looking for more intensity in your workouts, many indoor cycling apps can provide the motivation and resources needed to grow into your next level of rider.

Here is a list of the best online apps that are perfect for indoor cyclists:

1.  Zwift Indoor Cycling

If you are looking for a high-intensity indoor cycling workout, Zwift is your best option. The website provides the perfect blend of strength and endurance training while encouraging you to push yourself to your limits. Zwift offers indoor cycling distance options supported by their website and compatible with their iPad, iPhone, and Android apps. Additionally, the Zwift bike will be compatible with a V2 model soon, so it will also be available for indoor use.

The Zwift app for Android can also be used with the real-time tracker on your phone to accurately track your distance and location within the virtual world of Zwift. It then sends this information to your Strava account to see how many kilometers you cycle, along with the elevation summaries.

The Zwift app is free for the first 7 days, but you must subscribe to their premium model. It costs $14.99 per month.

The main functions of this app might include:

♦ You can real-time race against other cyclists around the world. The Zwift app provides real-time racing even on days when it is too cold, rainy, or hot outside. It also simulates races consisting of up to 24 other cyclists.
♦ You get to experience a virtual cycling world available in 3D or 2D mode. You can ride alone or join a group for a real-time race. You can also choose from various cycling locations, including England, Canada, Italy, and Belgium. 
♦ A virtual cycling community features an exercise tracker and smart coaching options designed to help you achieve your fitness goals easily. 

Zwift Indoor Cycling App Benefits:

♦ Thousands of riders from around the world.
♦ You can build workouts into your routine or a training program for a specific event (Olympic rider).
♦ Compatible with almost all indoor cycles and spin bikes.
♦ You can use it with a subscription or without one, but without a subscription, some features will be limited.

2. Wahoo SYSTM

The Wahoo SYSTM is a cycling app for indoor and outdoor riders. Unlike Zwift, however, the app focuses more on the data collected from your rides. It gathers information from your ride so you can track it in real-time and analyze it post-ride.

Indoor cyclists will enjoy the Wahoo SYSTM Power Pack, which has a separate sale. This pack clips onto your standard bike and provides more power to your indoor cycling experience by measuring power, wheel speed, cadence, torque output, and wattage.

You can download the app to various devices, including smartphones and tablets, to take them anywhere to analyze your workouts. The Wahoo SYSTM Power Pack is available separately for $129. You can check their official site for the latest price.

Some of the different features of this app to blow your mind may include:

 ♦ Ride data can be saved in the cloud. You can sync rides with other devices and share them with friends and trainers. 
♦ The app's GPS tracking feature also allows you to track your rides even outside. It is compatible with Strava, so all of your data is safely stored with that account. 

Here are the benefits of the Wahoo SYSTM App:

♦ You can track comprehensive data to see your performance and progress. You can see details like The total distance of your ride, time, watts, and cadence, as well as average speed and average watts of power output. You can also compare your data against other cyclists in the Wahoo community.
♦ Sync your Strava account with the app, so you are always in touch with where you are up to on that day.
♦   You can complete workout logs for detailed analysis to help you improve your performance on the road.
♦ Graphs for power output show the slope of a curve and how much it changed over time during a ride.

3. TrainerRoad

TrainerRoad is one of the best bike apps for improving your cycling skills and technique. This indoor cycling app provides you with a virtual coach that you can use to improve your cardiovascular health and endurance. 

The app allows you to follow real-time, tailored training plans while viewing performance stats such as cadence, speed, power, and heart rate. These stats help you see how you improve as a cyclist based on your goals and specific training plan. 

The app has an easy design to help you reach your maximum performance potential so you can achieve the results you want in your cycling endurance through online coaching. Also, this program is compatible with various indoor and spin bikes, so it never hurts to try it out.

Unlike other apps, this AI and Machine Learning powered app does not rely on available data from primarily outdoor athletes. It uses a combination of indoor and outdoor training data to provide you with specific training plans tailored to your unique needs and goals.

The TrainerRoad app is available for $19.95 per month or $189 per year. You can check the official site for the latest pricing information.

Some of the core features of this app include:   

♦ A wide variety of workouts with programs designed by professional road cycling coaches who understand what it takes to become a better cyclist
♦ Measure your performance with graphs and power meters that provide an in-depth analysis of your fitness levels.
♦ The app's automatic calibration will allow you to immediately measure your power output to evaluate your performance and track your progress as a cyclist.
♦ TrainerRoad provides a virtual coach that gives you specific cycling advice in real-time, as well as motivating messages via text, email or Facebook. You can also communicate with other cyclists worldwide through the app's online community site. 

With the TrainerRoad application, you can access a wide variety of indoor and outdoor training programs catering to cycling needs. The app uses the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide you with a customized training plan specifically designed for your individual needs.

While you don't need to be an avid cyclist to use this app, you will quickly see results through its indoor cycling workouts.

4. RGT Cycling

The RGT cycling app will make you have a real-life cycling experience while you are indoors. It is the type of bike app that you would want to use to improve your cycling endurance and build up your strength.

On spinning, recumbent, and upright bikes, you can rely on this indoor cycle ergometer app. It is available in various languages, making it easy for people worldwide to use.

The RGT Cycling app provides a realistic riding environment, complete with changing scenery, traffic and weather, so you can feel like you are out on the road. The app also provides virtual services that allow you to choose your playlist and control the indoor cycling machine via your smartphone.

If you have a subscription to this app, then you can expect some key features to include: 

♦ If you are new to indoor cycling and want some guidance, then RGT Cycling is the best bike application for beginners. It teaches beginner riders how to use indoor bikes appropriately by demonstrating the proper techniques for riding a bike. You can utilize the feature in conjunction with any stationary bike.
♦ Even though the RGT cycling app comes after some popular choices like Zwift, it remains a strong market contender.

5. Rouvy

For cyclists who spend a lot of time traveling or commuting, you can use this bike app to track your performance and progress while you are on the go. The Rouvy app lets you track your cycling distances and speed, record your routes, and keep yourself motivated to reach new goals as a cyclist.

The main feature of this indoor biking app that makes it stand out from others is its fully customizable design. You can use the app's online services to customize your training programs based on your unique needs and goals as a cyclist. It even comes with a built-in Suffer Score calculator that allows you to figure out the optimum difficulty level for your workouts to get better results from each ride.

The realistic simulation of riding a bike on the Rouvy app comes with the following features: 

♦ The Rouvy app is free and costs $14 per month or $89 half-annually. This application is compatible with most major fitness machines. The developers are currently working on an Android and Apple app version.
♦ The videos in this cycling application give you an outdoor riding experience without all the hassles of traveling outside or changing your training location.

6. Bkool

Fitness enthusiasts and cyclists will quickly identify the benefits of using this indoor bike app. It is a good way to improve your cycling endurance and lose weight by burning more calories on a bike.

The Bkool app is compatible with most cardio machines worldwide, including Smart Air and Smart Pro. And it also works well with Android, macOS, iPad and Windows operating systems. It also comes with several different workout programmes to choose from.

The best feature of this cycling application is that it allows you to get results quickly and has a minimal learning curve for new users. When used properly, this bike app can help you reach your cycling goals quicker than any other indoor or outdoor app on the market today.

You can get your app for 9.99€ monthly and enjoy the different views of 3D, video or maps.

You will get to choose from 3 different videos seen on your screen in front of the bike. You can choose from different locations, from a mountain pass to a city road or a tour around a famous place.

Here are some of the features that you get with the Bkool app:    

♦ More than 100 routes to choose from.
♦ You can create and save your cycling training programmes online and can view others' programmes as well.
♦ Watch videos on your screen in front of your bike while riding. The app also has a built-in sound system so you can listen to music or make calls while riding.

7. Kinomap

The interactive indoor cycling app known as Kinomap lets you choose from various cycling routes on different maps that change every month. The videos are free to download and can be watched on your TV in front of a stationary bike.

The app is compatible with most stationary bikes and comes with features that will make indoor cycling more enjoyable. It has virtual training coaches, advanced sensors that detect your heart rate, cadence and speed, virtual video tours of famous locations around the world for viewing on a TV screen in front of the bike, and even an interactive 3D map available for viewing during your indoor training sessions so you can get a feel for what it's like to cycle through these popular destinations.

You can download the app and enjoy the free 2-weeks trial. But you'll need to pay 11.99€ per month or 89.99€ every year. 

The Kinomap is a significant choice. However, beginners might have difficulty interacting with the app user interface.

8. FulGaz

FulGaz is an indoor bike app that provides you with your favorite maps on your TV screen in front of your cardio machine. Instead of watching videos on the couch, you get to go biking through all these amazing places right in front of you. 

And instead of paying for expensive gym membership fees all year round, FulGaz allows you to ride almost anywhere around the world free of charge throughout the year. And they have some very interesting and unique features that can help even advanced riders lose weight or become fit over time.

The app has 21 stages of challenges that you can use to improve your cycling skills and fitness over time. The crucial factor that makes FulGaz stand out from other indoor cycling apps is that all the locations that you get to visit can be viewed on video. It makes it much more interesting and fun to ride a bike through different places while inside the FulGaz app.

The FulGaz app is compatible with most cardio machines, including EZ Rider and Genius ISO, and it works well with Android, iOS, Windows, macOS and Chrome operating systems. You can set up a personal training program on your machine to get more value from each ride. The app is free, with various packages based on how much you want to pay each month. 

9. Kinetic Fit

The $9.99 monthly Kinetic Fit app is built to work with EZride and Schwinn cardio machines. It comes with multiple training programmes designed to help you achieve your fitness goals quicker than any other indoor cycling app on the market today. 

The indoor bike app was developed by a former professional cyclist and offered a realistic cycling experience that feels very similar to riding your bike outdoors instead of inside the gym.

The Kinetic Fit app includes unique features such as a workout calendar sync, over 100 routes worldwide, including real-life 3D locations where you can get biking, live tracking of your rides, breathing techniques for climbing hills and real-time workout graphing. 

The GPS tracking system is very accurate, and the app will even allow you to share your cycling routes on social media.

Plus, it allows you to choose from a wide variety of workout routines, gets you connected to other cyclists around the world and comes with great integration with many popular fitness apps today. 

The training plans are easy to understand and use, and anyone can get started with this indoor bike app in no time. 

10. Tacx Training

Tacx Training indoor cycling app offers multi-platform support from Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. It's compatible with almost all cardio machines, including EZ Rider, Genius ISO and Schwinn.

It is the best indoor cycling app for advanced riders who already know what they are doing when it comes to cycling. They are particularly well suited for those who have experience with other apps available on the market today and want to take things up a notch. 

Tacx Training features a user-friendly training programme based on heart rate zones that you can combine with your goals. They also include some unique features such as tackling hills in different ways through different training maps and can count steps taken as part of your daily fitness routine. 

With these features and $9.99 affordable costs, you can establish your routes and share them with other athletes worldwide. It allows you to go through a training plan in one of six different phases and provides both indoor bike workouts and outdoor rides. 

11. Peloton

The Peloton indoor cycling app is mind-blowing, unlike any other in the market today. It was created with a collaboration of real cyclists and designers who wanted to take indoor cycling to the next level.

The Peloton app includes all the necessary equipment, from your stationary bike to a backlit video screen in your home, without spending thousands of dollars. It's even possible to watch live interactive classes with real instructors in studio-quality HD video on your tablet or phone using this cool indoor cycling app.

The $12.99 3-month subscription fees are worthwhile, especially because you'll get access to all of the world's cycling events, such as one-hour, half-hour and full-hour classes. 

You'll also get a wide variety of training plans, personal training sessions and live webinars. The Peloton app comes with great customer support and a simple pay-as-you-go system that allows you to start using it immediately after purchasing without waiting for your card to be charged. 

Also, there is no need for equipment or machines as you can use them on almost anything, including "TaeBo" bikes.


Indoor cycling apps are one of the best ways to make your cycling more interesting and enjoyable for everyone.

The best apps offer a realistic cycling experience that can't be replicated by any other type of indoor exercise equipment or cycling machine on the market today. Our top choice in our list is the Zwift app simply because it has the most features which you will find useful for your training, riding and performance in general.

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