Team Santic- KOMRIVAS- Ruta de las Encinas Challenge

David Noguera and Alberto Polanco

The forecasts for the whole week were predicting rain, but in the end the weather respected and it only rained during the last 10km. The terrain was perfect with some puddles, but no mud.

At 10:03 I started a very fast run, but the pedal slipped and it took me longer than expected to put the cleat in. As a result, I get cut off. Good warm up to catch again the head of the race in which my partner was well placed. For 8km we stay with the head of the race, but we realize that it is not our pace and we let go. We take our cruising pace and we are recovering positions. At km 15 we face the longest climb of the day 6km long that lead us to Colmenar Viejo. After Colmenar Viejo and after several slides we reach the technical descent of the day, trailers of stones that leads us to the bridge of the Marmot.

From the bridge of the Marmot we face a technical climb and a short descent. At this point km 30 we would have the small mishap, broken climb with streaks in which the rear wheel slips to my comp and falls bending his ankle. After a few minutes and check that he could continue we decided to continue. Although somewhat diminished we continue at the pace that he is marking to the Finish line.  

Despite the mishaps we arrived in 7th position at the finish. It is not the position we had dreamed of but we continue learning and we are more and more integrated in this beautiful category of couples.

Educare School