Team Santic-Wibatech- GP Polski Via Odra 1.2

Piotr Pekala, Pawel Szostka, Tim Wollenberg, Bartlomiej Proc, Michael Peter

The Polish one-day race was characterised by a lot of wind edge action. On the penultimate lap, our five riders finally took to the wind edge together with Team Mazowsze HRE Polski, which allowed 20 riders to break away from the peloton, with us represented three times. Pawel Szostka and Tim Wollenberg attacked alternately, whereas Proc was supposed to concentrate on the sprint. But the sprint did not go as we had hoped.

"Unfortunately only the last 100 metres were marked and we thought it would be a bit longer to the finish. Then I was at the front and started my sprint. Bartlomiej was unfortunately too far back at that moment," said Wollenberg, who eventually finished one position ahead of his captain.

On this day, Tim Wollenberg celebrated a perfect debut in our team with his fourth place. The strong performance of our team was completed by Bartlomiej Proc and Pawel Szostka in fifth and ninth place. "Unfortunately, it was not enough for the hoped-for podium, but we are still satisfied with three riders in the top ten," Wollenberg reported after the race.

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