Team Santic-Wibatech- Tour of Estonia 2.1

Fabian Schormair, Pawel Szostka, Patrick Haller, Bartosz Rudyk, Piotr Pekala, Jonas Sonnleitner, Bartlomiej Proc


The opening of the tour started in the evening with a 3.7 km prologue time trial through a city park in Tallinn with a short climb and several technical corner combinations.

Our riders were able to place in the middle of the field and create a good starting position for the coming stages. Patrick Haller was the best rider of the day in 32nd place.

Stage 1 

In the beginning of the first stage from Tallinn to Tartu at six degrees and rain - "it was quite sportive in the Baltic States today", said Schormair. At the beginning, the team tried to drop a rider into the leading group. After Jonas Sonnleitner and Schormair were in groups for a short time but couldn't get away decisively, finally after a gravel section a two-man leading group went, but was put back in time for the finale.

However, our boys finished in the second chasing group 17 seconds behind. Thus, the best of our team was Bartlomiej Proc in 23rd place with Pawel Szostka two positions behind.

"The results show that there is still room for improvement for us. It didn't quite work out as we had hoped", Fabian Schormair said after the stage.

Stage 2

We had a satisfying finish on the last day of the Tour of Estonia. On the final street circuit of the three-day tour Fabian Schormair crossed the finish line in tenth place and thus ensured our top ranking. Only two positions behind, Pawel Szostka crossed the finish line in 12th place with another top placement.

On this day the whole team braved the adverse conditions. "It was freezing cold and it was raining really hard. There were two mountains right after each other on the lap and cobblestones up and down. That was a bit disturbing," Schormair found.

Patrick Haller had made it into the breakaway group of the day on the second lap. "When the group was caught up, he then made another hole for us in the peloton, which was great. That was a critical moment, because 20 riders had left the front," Schormair praised.

And so it came to the sprint, in which he finished in tenth place. "I am very satisfied with that, because I was already really knocked out," said Schormair.